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KENWOOD Ships Next-Generation Trio of Dash Cams

LONG BEACH, CA (09.05.2019) – In July, KENWOOD USA released the first of three new dash cameras in the DRV-A301W. With an MSRP of $169.95, the reimagined dash cam features a high-definition front camera backed with a vibrant 2.7-inch screen. However, most notable on the model is its ability to wirelessly connect to a smartphone to play back recorded incidents and even download them to the smartphone for distribution via email or social media.

KENWOOD has shipped two additional versions of the new design. The DRV-A501WDP and DRV-A601WDP feature a three-inch display and include a second camera that sees behind the vehicle to record traffic and help determine liability in a rear-end collision. Suggested retail prices are $269.95 and $329.95, respectively. The new models complete a trio that improves driver awareness while integrating with a smartphone-centric ecosystem.

Performance-wise, each model features reversible camera view and expanded dynamic range that records clear images in dark or well-lit environments. A built-in microphone and speaker records and plays back recorded audio. The DRV-A301W records at 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). The DRV-A501WDP improves recording up to 2K (2560×1440) from its front camera, and the DRV-A601WDP increases even further to 4K recording quality (3840×2160). Using front and rear cameras, the DRV-A501WDP has a maximum recording quality of 1080p per camera, while the DRV-A601WDP maxes out at 2K per camera with both connected.

All three models mount to the windshield via suction, or to a flat dash surface or panel with an adhesive disc mount. They are powered by the included 12-volt adapter, though an available hard-wire kit (model No. CA-DR1030; MSRP $25) can be used for custom installations. Images are stored on the included MicroSD card, which can be replaced with a card with up to 256GB of storage.

Each of the three models uses an innovative magnetic fitting that secures the camera to the mounting base and supplies power to the camera through the magnetic connection. For security, the user can simply pull the camera off the base for storage without having to disconnect wires.

Built-in GPS lets each model correlate true location data with recorded footage and incidents. When the dash cam is connected to always-on power, its on-board G-sensor detects impact to the vehicle while it is parked and initiates recording to document the incident. Footage can be played back on the camera with audio, or the MicroSD card can be moved to a PC to access footage using proprietary viewing software, available for PC or Mac.

Each of the models features built-in Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone with the KENWOOD Dash Cam Manager app installed. The connection enables dash cam control as well as downloading, editing and playback of footage with accompanying location mapping.

“Despite some early commoditization of the dash cam category, drivers are still looking for practical and premium features to improve the experience,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD. “Superior image quality is a must if footage is being used to determine accident liability or criminal activity. In addition, the ability to quickly download footage to a wireless phone makes it easy to post and share content.”

For more information on the dash cameras and KENWOOD’s complete line of safety products, visit kenwood.com/usa/car


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