• Mike Van Horn

Echomaster Offers Simple Add-on Solution for Adding Back-up Cameras to Vehicles

CLEARWATER, FL (08.27.2019) – EchoMaster, a Power Brand of AAMP Global, has announced a Power Filter, CA-FLTR, for adding a back-up camera to vehicles with reverse lights controlled by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The EchoMaster Power Filter is an easy add-on to any back-up camera installation in any vehicle.

Many vehicles now use PWM to alert the driver when a taillight is out which affects the reverse light’s power source – this can result in a poor back-up camera signal for an aftermarket safety camera. EchoMaster’s Power Filter easily connects to the reverse light circuit and stabilizes the power source to ensure that the safety camera provides a reliable signal. This solution eliminates the need to run any extra wires to power the camera.

AAMP Global is pleased to announce that CA-FLTR will fall under AAMP’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) agreement – designed to protect AAMP customers from price cutting by online sellers.

For more information on the Power Filter or any EchoMaster camera solutions, visit EchoMaster.com or contact your AAMP Sales Representative.


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