• Mike Van Horn

DS18 Introduces Another Jeep Knockout – JL, Wrangler, and Gladiator SoundBar

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (08.28.2019) – New for the final quarter of 2019 DS18 has released another Jeep knockout, The JL/Wrangler SoundBar.

By popular demand, Jeep JL owners have yearned for a soundbar that closely resembles the DS18 Soundbar in appearance and performance. DS18 is happy to oblige. For Jeep JL owners, DS18 has released an ABS plastic injection molded soundbar for Jeep owner’s listening pleasure that rivals the DS18 ever popular JK SoundBars. This new soundbar is available in three colors (red, white, and black) and easily houses four 8-inch speakers and four large super tweeters.

Jeep owners have the options to either buy the soundbar bare or they can take advantage of the DS18 combo pack and get everything with one click of a button. That includes RGBs, The SBAR, 4 eight-inch Mids, 4 super tweeters, wiring kit, and amplifier so everything for the installation is right at their fingertips. The SoundBar is made to connect with factory mounting equipment, so the steps to getting everything installed is fast and very easy.

The DS18 combo kit has another feature. The JL SoundBar has integrated RGB lights that surround the speakers and tweeters which change colors to the users preference when the user has the DS18 LED-BTC controller.

The DS18 RGB app can be found on Apple or Google stores and the options of colors are as many as one sees in a rainbow!

Jeep JL/Wrangler owners can finally sigh in relief as the DS18 SoundBar is now available.

Check it out on DS18.com for more information.

The bare bones model MSRP $749.95 and the combo pack a MSRP of $1429.99.


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