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Cadence Intros New Compression Mid-Range Loudspeakers

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA (08.27.2019) – The Cadence engineering staff took its 40-year heritage of building loudspeakers and combined it with the needs of today’s 12volt dealer’s needs. These new loudspeakers proudly introduces something different; not me too, off the self-products. These new offerings are intelligently designed to meet and exceed real market needs.

The XM 644 HCI and XM 844 HCI Compression mid-range loudspeakers handle the ‘middle’ range of the music spectrum, between 500 Hz-4 kHz. This is probably the most important range of frequencies for most audible sounds, such as musical instruments and the human voice are being produced here.

The XM644HCi is a true 6.5” High Compression MidRange

Treated flat surround that promotes smoother hi-end frequency response, unparalleled accuracy and transparency that mimics live music.

Carbon matrix pulp cone is super light yet very strong inch per inch. It facilitates faster response and pinpoint precision.

Unique Xenith phasing technology synchronizes the center wave and outer edge wave to minimize coloration.

Cast basket design to prevent deviations in the speakers’ magnetic field. Improved geometry for letting the back wave out of the speakers basket.

Finally, these loudspeakers are designed for car audio applications. These drivers get the most power out of the amplifier (2 ohms vs 4 ohms) and benefit from even more added loudness from the parallel voice coil connection designed for 75-100 watts of RMS power with a peak power handling of 150 to 200 watts each. Slim design is featured for an easier installation. Additional 1 year warranty when installed by a dealer with 30 day over the counter exchange. Cadence gives dealers advantages to take the sales off the internet.

“The market is getting tougher and we need to provide the consumers more for their money. Manufacturers and dealers need to work together. Our dealer direct, Cadence Oncore products, are handcrafted and offer the highest margins in the market” Enrique Avalos stated.

Visit www.CadenceSound.com and www.Oncore.audio for more.

Dealer and Representative inquires welcomed. 626 465-3383, ext. 104 [email protected] – Hablo Espanol.


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