• Mike Van Horn

Xstatic Batcap Intros New 825 Farad Lithium Capacitor

NEWTON, AL (07.17.2019) – Xstatic Batcap is proud to announce the company’s newest product… the 825 Farad Lithium Capacitor.

“After years of research and development, we finally brought the lithium capacitor to the market. It’s a combination of battery and capacitor in one. Boasting an impressive energy to weight ratio the 825 Farad has extremely low internal resistance. Its best feature is it only discharges 3% per year,” Ray Mckenzie stated.

The dimensions of the 825 Farad are 7 3/4″ X 4 3/4″ X 3″ (plus the terminals),the weight is less than 4 pounds and the max voltage is 15.2V. Max Voltage 15.2 V

Contact Xstatic Batcap at 334-692-4650 for more information.


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