• Mike Van Horn

Wet Sounds Inc. Launches SHIVR-55 Cooler Stereo System

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HOUSTON, TX (11.16.2018) – Wet Sounds Inc. has added yet another innovative and technologically advanced product for 2019. This completely self-contained unit will undoubtedly make you the life of the party.

The Wet Sounds SHIVR-55 has a robust and durable design that features a 58 Qt. capacity that will hold ice up to 3 days or more and play your tunes for up to 8 hours on a full charge. The 200 Watt 6-speaker system with a built-in DSP amplifier, makes this one of the most powerful and popular coolers available today.

The Wet Sounds High Output Cooler System is the life of the party.


This Bluetooth-ready cooler features an Auxiliary input as well as the capability to link multiple coolers to create the ultimate tailgating experience. The uses are endless, for example: Sport & Team Events, BBQ, Backyards, Pool Parties, Camping, and More. Charge up your cooler, fill it with ice and you are ready for a full day of refreshments and fun.

MSRP is $899.

Visit wetsounds.com for more.


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