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WeConekt Appoints End Result as Rep in Ohio Valley

BOCA RATON, FL (10.18.2018) – WeConekt announces teaming up with End Result, a sales rep firm with a long history in the Home Automation and 12 Volt Market. End Result covers the Ohio Valley Territory and is a specialist with over 30 years in this market. WeConekt is a hybrid Business Consulting and Marketing Agency offering services, such as e-newsletters, website development, social media, go-to-market strategy, branding, and many more services that revolve around the growth of a successful business.

“We are working with WeConekt to drive followers and consumers into retailer’s stores” Ed Dalesandro, End Result.

“We are here to help businesses solve problems, whether it’s on the consulting side giving clarity to the essentials in businesses or taking some of the crucial marketing things not getting done off their plate. Having gown many businesses including an automotive aftermarket company that was very much in the 12Volt market myself, I fully understand that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, especially things that might be outside the main competency of the owner and business,” said Allison Lopez, CEO & Co-Founder of WeConekt. Why use traditional rep firms, like End Result to present WeConekt to the market? “Rep firms are the connectors between the manufacturers and integrators/dealers and nobody knows the market better, as they are part of the frontlines,” said Risa Schultz SVP Client Services & Co-Founder of WeConekt.


The idea of Rep Firms representing marketing companies aren’t new to the Home Automation market, so what makes WeConekt different? “WeConekt made it easy to say “yes” and their understanding of the market and what it takes to service integrators/dealers just make sense. For example, every day, I see manufacturers putting out great marketing content that don’t get used by integrators/dealers and I believe that WeConekt offers solutions for this and beyond that will help business owners get that information to their consumers,” said Ed Delesandro, President of End Result.

At the recent 2018 CEDIA Expo, WeConekt had a photo booth set up to show the power of social media, where they conducted a survey that showed about 50% of booth attendees weren’t on social media – while research shows that 77% of Americans have a social media profile. In addition, stats like 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design, while many integrators/dealers still have sites that are outdated and not mobile friendly shows a deep need for WeConekt’s services.


These challenges are not surprising for industries like Home Automation and 12 Volt markets, where businesses are technically focused opposed to being marketing focused. WeConekt and End Result is hoping to help bridge this gap. Stay tuned for more to come.

Visit weconekt.com and endresultonline.com for more.


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