• Mike Van Horn

Vision Tech America Intros the iKeyFree Pro

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FULLERTON, CA (11.14.2018) – The new BOYO iKeyFree Pro, from Vision Tech America, is a windshield mount touch pad module that provides 3 ways to lock or unlock a vehicle.

The 3 ways are: 1. Smart Welcome utilizes a smartphone for proximity lock and unlock. 2. Smart Card: Tap smartphone to the touch pad to lock and unlock. 3. Pin Code: Enter pin code on touch pad to lock or unlock the vehicle.

The iKeyFree Pro is compatible with Android and IOS smartphone apps and features Bluetooth connectivity.


Random security code and multi user, multi vehicle, functionality add to the convenience and safety features of the new BOYO iKeyFree Pro.

The MSRP of the iKeyFree Pro is $169.99.

Visit visiontechamerica.com for more.


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