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Virgil Williams Loudest at Scrapin’ The Coast 2019 (171.35 DB with one 18” DS18 NEO)

BILOXI, MS (06.27.2019) – Scrapin’ The Coast 2019 was an amazing success for The DS18 Family. There was massive support across the whole Gulf Coast Coliseum with every kind of custom vehicle you can think of packed with DS18 gear.

Virgil William with his trophy in the USACi 3X bracket at Scrapin’ the Coast 2019.

Among the DS18 family that came to represent the brand was Virgil Williams from The Stereo Source in Lynn Haven FL.

Williams has been an extreme competitor for more than 30 years and has broken record after record with his amazing vehicles jam-packed with DS18 subs and amps. Among these vehicles is his world famous 1987 Volkswagen Rabbit.

The monitor shows the results in the USACi 3X bracket at Scrapin’ the Coast 2019.

This is no ordinary VW Rabbit. This extreme SPL vehicle weighs in at 13,000 pounds. A normal VW Rabbit weighs around 3000 pounds but Virgil and his team added an additional 10,000 pounds in concrete and reinforcement to keep this little beast in the highest of classes and competitions. Having all the concrete creates an amazingly strong structure for SPL to get the most advantages out of the vehicle on the meter in the lanes. Over 1000 pounds of concrete alone are in the pressure side (passenger side door) to achieve the highest dB reading possible.

The single 18” DS18 NEO delivered in the USACi 3X Competiton lanes.

For 16 years Williams has held champion status at Scrapin’ The Coast and took home another championship in 2019 competing in the USACi 3X bracket. Williams was running the newly released DS18 Troublemaker 18″ NEO competition SPL subwoofer and truly tested it to its limits. During testing he unfortunately damaged one of the coils but still chose to run with the big dogs at the competition. Despite having one coil down and only using two of four 11,000-watt amps, Williams managed to get a 171.35 DB @ 66hz with just ONE DS18 18” NEO subwoofer! Williams is certain if both would have been operating, he would have done over a 173dB.

Aaron’s DS18 Tahoe told all in Biloxi “We Like It Loud!”

“The VW Rabbit is definitely. On the trip to Scrapin’ The Coast we had two blowouts on the tires on the trailer that were brand new. The mechanic at the truck stop said jacking the trailer with the Rabbit was like jacking an 18-wheeler.”

Franks’ Classics from Red’s in Miami joined Aaron and Luis in the DS18 lineup at Scrapin’ the Coast.

Williams has many more SPL vehicles to watch out for and all at DS18 extremely happy to have him on TEAM DS18!

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