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USACi Event Beat the Heat at The Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave

USACi competitors braved the heat Sunday afternoon as they rocked for big SPL numbers on the meter.

AUSTIN, TX (07.26.2018) – USACi set a big stage at the Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave for over 200 competitors. Jenissa Lillard and Robert Huth, along with 4 judges, braved the heat as competitors moved through the lanes looking for big SPL numbers.

A group of USACi competitors gathered for a photo op late Sunday afternoon with trophies and plaques.

Lillard stated “The 2018 season has been strong. We anticipate right at 250 competitions in the U.S. this year. The international events have grown too. All told, we expect nearly 350 events world wide this year.

Jenissa Lillard and Robert Huth beside the USACi trailer on Saturday morning. Over 200 competitor runs were expected in the lanes at the Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave.

Huth, who has been the majority owner of USACi since 2015, offered “At the HeatWave we awarded over 60 trophies and had many compliments from our competitors. We definitely plan to host a USACi event at HeatWave 2019 which will be the event’s 30th year.”

The Bridwell Center is located at 111 N. Burnett St. Wichita Falls TX 76306.

The USACi Finals 2018 will once again be held in Wichita Falls TX at the Bridwell Center, 111 N. Burnett St. 76306. The Dates are October 5th-7th.

Visit usaciworldwide.org for more.


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