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Tunes-N-Tint Off to a Fast Start in December

This Tunes-N-Tint got the Rockin’ Holiday off to a fast start.

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LAKELAND, FL (12.04.2018) – Tunes-N-Tint kicked off December with a Rockin’ Holiday promotion on Saturday, December 1st. Social media posts, including an attention grabbing series on Instagram, got the ball rolling.

Joe Cassity, Tunes-N-Tint Ops Manager, stated “We wanted to get December and the Holiday Season off to a fast start so Santa was in the store. A radio remote with local station 98.3FM added to the Saturday event with giveaways and goodies.”

Austin Thorne, Lead Installer, shared a laugh with Santa.

During the day on Saturday, a series of Instagram posts were made that highlighted activities during the Rockin’ Holiday promotion from 1-4 PM. One bow-shaped post featured a video that showed Santa, a Real Bearded Santa, with several different product displays in the Tunes-N-Tint showroom.

Tuned-N-Tint set up Saturday night at the Bike Fest in Plant City.

Tunes-N-Tint’s Chris Rossi (L) presented the trophy to Mike Townsend whose bike won 1st Place in the motorcycle audio competition.

“We plan out our promotions many months in advance. As fate would have it a local group we work with changed their date at the last minute… you guessed it… the Plant City BikeFest changed their date to Saturday, December 1st. Fortunately their event, where we sponsor audio and lighting, was in the evening so we doubled up and made both events.”

Hats off to Joe and the Tunes-N-Tint team for all their hard work on Saturday, December 1st, to get December off to a fast start.

Tunes-N-Tint is an active MESA member.

Visit tunesntint.com for more.

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