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TRU Technology Joins MECA

LA CRESCENTA, CA (06.27.2019) – TRU Technology is a new MECA Manufacturer member.

MECA Commish Steve Stern related “We are so happy to have TRU Technology as a new member. The company hand builds their top quality amplifiers in the USA. John Yi, TRU Technology’s GM, has a long history in the 12volt industry and has a passion for delivering the highest quality and performance.”

Hand built TG-RS 2 Amplifiers set for testing.

Yi stated to 12voltnews.com “The concept that MECA is all about the music definitely strikes a cord with us. The best in music, and the tonality of music, has been our motto since inception. Having competitors showcase the best in music in the lanes is what attracted us to become a MECA Manufacturer member. We appreciate the fact that MECA is attracting, and is more easily accessible to the everyday music loving consumers and not just high end install shops. The MECA organization is focused on what we believe to be the most important aspect of car audio; the music.”

TRU Technology is an in-house American amplifier company that is comprised of people who lived and experienced origins of Car Audio Sound-Offs. For the TRU Technology staff MECA is capturing some of that old school magic that car audio had in the late 80’s and early 90’s. A time when car audio was fun.

A hand-built TRU Technology Amplifier without the bottom plate. NOTE LOWER LEFT: “Built by people who love doing this stuff!”

Continuing, Yi offered “Being an American manufacturer, MECA provides us the prefect platform to showcase the wide range of products we offer from our entry level all the way up to elite.”

MECA presents us with a vehicle to show off what we do best and what makes us so special as an Artisan Amplifier company, coach builder if you will. We equally love supporting the individual DIY competitors and independent install shops alike. MECA not only gives us that feeling of getting back to our old school roots but helps push us to come up with more innovative ideas and new levels of refinement for competitors using TRU Technology Amplifiers.

Demand is high for TRU Technology amplifiers internationally. In this time of tariffs China is the largest market for TRU Technology Made in the USA amplifiers.

Concluding, Stern stated “We welcome Team TRU Technology to our club and contests.”

Visit trutechnology.com for more.

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