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Trent Partners NE and Kenwood Conducted Trainings

SHREVEPORT, LA (06.10.2019) – Trent Partners NE, with Kenwood’s Seth Halstead-National Trainer and Content Development Manager, conducted training sessions on June 4th and 5th. The Kenwood eXcelon dealer training on Tuesday, June 4th, was held at Bertucci’s Restaurant in Chestnut Hill MA, just outside Boston. The Wednesday, June 5th, training session was conducted at the MRI HQ facility in Plainville, CT.

Seth Halstead covered the Kenwood eXcelon line during this Tuesday evening training session at Bertucci’s in Chestnut Hill, MA.

The Tuesday evening session at Bertucci’s was Kenwood eXcelon-specific training that focused on the new line for 2019, Kenwood University and the updated X-Rewards Program. There was plenty of time for questions and answers after the delicious meal and refreshments. A key topic Halstead covered was the newest wireless technologies featured in Kenwood’s 2019 receiver lineup.

Matt Herald had everyone’s attention as he explained the updated Kenwood eXcelon Rewards Program.

Matt Herald, Trent Partners NE, took dealers through the updated Kenwood X-Rewards program. Excited eXcelon dealers keep the program card close at hand to maximize their Kenwood eXcelon Rewards opportunities.

Seth Halstead (lower L) conducting the MRI Training in the HQ conference room. MRI staff members in other locations were part of the training via broadcast of an interactive webinar.

The Wednesday Kenwood training was conducted by Halstead with Kenwood’s New England Distributor MRI and took place at their corporate offices in Plainville. Herald was in the house to work with MRI staff members along side Halstead.

This image shows Halstead (upper right) in the HQ conference room. The large image is what MRI staffers at remote locations viewed on their monitor.

Halstead related “The MRI training covered the entire Kenwood regular line of products, highlighting new technologies of products that just arrived at MRI. New product arrivals included Wireless Apple CarPlay receivers, new short chassis receiver for enhanced installation flexibility in more vehicles as well as a brand new category for Kenwood: Digital (mech-less) built-in Garmin navigation receivers that enable consumers to get the benefits of in-dash Garmin navigation as well as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. All of this reaching new price points that don’t have as much of a premium price as built-in DVD models command.”

The MRI Kenwood training was conducted at the MRI HQ.

To accommodate everyone on the MRI team, in the conference room and in other locations, Halstead used the power of technology to broadcast via an interactive webinar with voice and chat as well.

Trent Partners New England’s Herald offered “Having Seth in the territory to help educate local dealers and work with the MRI staff was terrific. The trainings were focused on new Kenwood products and technologies available from Kenwood and Kenwood eXcelon. Knowledge is key, and training is a powerful tool to help gain more knowledge of these newer technologies that our ever changing consumers are looking for. Wireless CarPlay is BIG and Kenwood has it. Now our dealers and distributors are ready to show everyone how Wireless CarPlay should be experienced with all the new Kenwood 2019 models that are shipping.”

Halstead stays very busy with in-studio video production in Florida and time spent on the conducting trainings across the U.S.

Visit kenwood.com/usa and trentpartners.com for more.

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