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Three Generations of the Alves Family Exhibited for Scosche at CES

LAS VEGAS, NV (01.17.2019) – For the first time ever, SCOSCHE Industries was represented by three generations of the Alves Family at the 2019 International CES.

From left to right: Vince, Roger, Ryder, and Kas Alves at the 2019 International CES.

Co-Founder and CEO of Scosche Industries, Roger Alves was joined at the show by his two sons and Vice-Presidents, Kas and Vince, and his grandson Ryder. Ryder recently joined the family business as a Marketing Specialist and attended his very first CES this year where he worked in the Scosche booth.

Scosche has exhibited at every CES since 1984, that’s 36 consecutive years, including 2019! Roger has been attending CES since 1974 (6 years before Scosche was formed) and has missed only one show in that time. We asked him to share some of his wealth of CES knowledge, memories and advice.

What stands out most for you about your first year exhibiting at CES? The first time Scosche exhibited at CES in 1984, we had a 10’ x 20’ booth back in the D section of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I remember assembling our booth, which was made of foam core. We glued velcro strips to the foam core to attach our products.

It was myself, my wife, Scotia, and two Scosche employees assembling the booth and demonstrating our two products: the first General Motors multi-purpose kit and the Transette cassette storage holder. Our booth featured a Chevrolet Camaro dashboard fitted with the Kit and the Transette, along with two seats so attendees could sit in and experience the products. The show was a big success for us because we secured our first U.S. and first Canadian distributors.

Why is CES such an important show for Scosche? CES is an important show for Scosche for one very simple reason – it’s the world’s biggest technology show.

What are you most excited to see this year? I’m most excited to see my grandson Ryder attending (and working for Scosche at) his first CES.

Can you tell us about the Scosche booth this year? We launched 239 new products in Las Vegas in January, comprised of 150 new consumer technology and 89 Connected Car products. These include technologies that quickly and wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled devices, help you enjoy a safer and more protected drive, keep all your electronic devices organized as well as charged, and add a voice-enabled assistant to any vehicle.


What is your advice for first-time CES attendees? My advice for first-time CES attendees is as you walk around the show, focus on what you’re interested in, but also identify what differentiates you and your business from other retailers. Then think about how you can maximize your ROI based on your differentiators.

What is your advice for first-time exhibitors? Get a hotel within walking distance of the convention center. The extra cost will be offset by the time you save. Have enough staff on site so you can be ready for anything. During set-up, be patient, be flexible, and try to be realistic with your expectations. But if you don’t receive your crates, don’t wait, go find them yourself, be proactive. Double pad your carpet and people will stay in your booth longer. Know that you’ll gain experience with every year you exhibit and will continue to get better. Finally, enjoy the experience and excitement of meeting people from all over the world and sharing with them the technologies and products you’ve created.

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