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Thinkware Develops New Dash Cam for Motorsports

CLEARWATER, FL (07.05.2019) – AAMP Global, an authorized distributor of Thinkware, has announced a new dash cam designed for all-terrain – Thinkware M1, AAMP Global Part Number TW-M1MU32. This dash cam is a 2 channel all-terrain solution that can be easily installed to capture everything, especially those adrenaline-filled motorsports adventures. TW-M1MU32 is now in stock.

Thinkware M1 includes a front and rear dash cam providing Full HD 1080p video with Sony STARVIS. The dash cam will also include two mounts, a 32GB SD card, 3M mounting tape, and the main unit and remote control. The remote control provides the driver with the ability to save memorable moments into a dedicated folder at the touch of a button.

The dash cam is weatherproof, IP66 rated, for the driver to take their motorsports adventure through rain, dust, dirt, or mud. Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization is built into the dash cam to reduce vibration and minimize motion blurring – this provides smooth and steady video footage in any terrain.

Video footage is stored in the innovative Thinkware app for simplified video management. The Thinkware app also enables the user to configure the dash cam settings.

AAMP Global is pleased to announce that TW-M1MU32 will fall under AAMP’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) agreement – designed to protect AAMP customers from price cutting by online sellers.

For more information on Thinkware Dash Cam solutions, visit EchoMaster.com or contact your AAMP Sales Representative.

Visit us.thinkware.com for additional product info.


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