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The Woofer Electronics Dealer Show 2019 Saw Strong Turnout

CHICAGO, IL (03.25.2019) – Woofer Electronics hosted dealers at the Waterford Conference Center in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst on Tuesday evening, March 19th. The dealer turnout was very strong.

Kicker Regional Lori Boyer (R) and Carlos Jimenez-Product Trainer are pictured with area Kicker rep Tom Ebeling-Tree Associates (L) outside by the Kicker demo RAM pickup.

Sam Yoo related to 12voltnews.com, “Our dealer turnout was great, probably our best ever and we all had a lot of fun too. At one point there was a line 20 deep for dealers to register. This was our first year to host the event off-site and the Waterford Conference Center was a terrific venue. It was super to see the manufacturer staff and reps directly engaging with our dealers. I feel that it is imperative for vendors to directly interact and understand their dealer base. At Woofer, we are very happy that we can help facilitate that relationship.”

Pictured (L to R) Doug Hanson, Patrick Virock, Bob Hernandez, Armando Parra, Al Fontane, Michael Lewis, Rob Osheaski and Shelby Shimkus. Virock, Hernandez, Parra and Fontane are members of Team Directed. Hanson, Lewis, Osheaski and Shimkus are with the award-winning Echo Sales team.

Outside the venue Kicker, AAMP and RaceSport had company demo pickups set for dealers to check out the latest. DS18 showed a loaded side-by-side featuring products in the company’s PowerSports lineup.

The DS18 side-by-side made a statement outside at the Woofer Show.

Lori Boyer, Kicker Regional, related “The Woofer dealers were certainly impressed when they took a demo in the RAM. Dealer shows like this are great venues to show the Kicker line across the board.”

Luis (L), a new member of the DS18 team, showing product to a dealer in the DS18 booth.

Directed had super representation at the event with factory team members along the the EchoSales rep team. In addition Bob Hernandez, Channel Director for the Alcohol Detection Systems initiative stated “Showing the ADS opportunity to Woofer’s dealers worked out very well. We actually started the signup process for several dealers on site.”

Dealers stayed well into the evening-pictured here, during the raffle drawing, shortly before the show closed.

Alpine District Sales Manager Dan Sparks and Brand Specialist Chris Reavis manned the Alpine booth where the Halo9 was the center of attention.

The Memphis Audio booth set up just before the show opened.

Rob Osheaski, Echo Sales principal, offered “The Woofer Show was an outstanding venue to show the lines that Woofer distributes from our line card – Alpine, Directed, Epsilon and RaceSport.”

Rydeen supply a large number of bags for the event.

DS-18’s Rob Ferro related “We were just coming off the KnowledgeFest event in Indy and had our whole show set up in the trailer. The DS18 Side-by-Side made our statement outside-We Like It Loud-for all to hear and believe. The Woofer Show was super for DS18.”

Yoo added, “We served a wide selection of “bar food” with plenty of refreshments. The Waterford has a great setup for our type of meeting. RGB lighting, along with the PA systems, made for a super setting and it was easy to conduct the raffles and giveaways late in the evening.”

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Over 3 dozen brands were represented at the Woofer Show. Factories having a presence included AAMP, Alpine, Audio Control, AudioPipe, AutoTek, Directed, DS18, Firstech, Harman, Planet Audio, RaceSport, Q Power, Power Acoustik, SoundStream, Q-Power, Energie, Kicker, Dual, Memphis, Boss Audio, Rydeen, SSVWorks Kenwood and Metra.

Some images in this article from Instagram @woofer_electronics. Visit wooferelectronics.com for more information.

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