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The Window Tint School Is 3 Years and 200+ Graduates Strong

Jon Dewar addressing the record setting December class during an orientation class. Note previous graduating class pictures framed on the wall.

JACKSONVILLE, FL (12.05.2018) – The three-year old Window Tint School, located in Jacksonville, FL recently reached the milestone of graduating its 200th student. The school is currently holding a record breaking December class with 12 attendees.


“Traditionally, December is a slow month for us, but not this year,” stated Jon Dewar who runs the school along with Darren Fettik and DJ Medvec. “Students from all over the country have reached out and made it clear they are looking to add profit centers to their businesses before year’s end in hopes of a bright 2019.”

Hands-on training, using custom training stations, is a key element at the Window Tint School.

Continuing, Dewar added, “We have trained people with absolutely no experience as well as people with years of experience. In fact, one of our students has been tinting for 24 years as an example. Students vary widely, from its youngest student at 16 years old to oldest student at 67 and most classes include both males and females.”

Businesses of all types send trainees to the Window Tint School including car washes, detail centers, body shops, paintless dent removal facilities and of course 12 volt shops.

Each student can be trained on commercial and home “flat glass,” paint protection (aka PPF), as well as traditional automotive window tint.


Concluding, Dewar offered, “I think the continued support that we provide our graduates after they graduate is what really sets us apart. We have a private Facebook group that is safe zone, meaning it is only for Alumni, so free of ego maniacs / hecklers, as well as a communication string that includes video, text and phone support for each of our graduates. Because of this, we speak with them all often. One thing that has become glaringly obvious is that each 5-day graduate rapidly becomes the most important employee in the building when they get back home. That’s easy to see, given the large profits window film brings.”

Visit www.tint.school for more.

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