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The SSR Open House Scored… BIG in Houston

HOUSTON, TX (10.24.2018) – The SSR Distributors Open House scored Big on Sunday, October 21st, at the company’s Houston warehouse facility. The layout at this year’s Open House was outside with two rows of 24 tents placed in a U-configuration to accommodate the 2 dozen vendor tables. The AAMP Team Phantom truck, along with the Jon Brothers’ Metra pickup, were showcased along with a new Momentum Marketing/Shawn Simpson Infinity demo.

Cars lined the street on both sides for over a block. Tents and the bounce house are visible from this image across the street.

A large tent was along side the building for lunch as well as a Bounce House for the enjoyment of children who attended with their parents. After days of rain, fortunately, Sunday was bright and sunny.

Amir Dhanani commented to 12volt News “This was our best show yet as we had great attendance and great feedback from our dealers. We sold tons of product and had very good dealer participation in the Metra and AudioControl trainings. I certainly want to give a big shout out to all of our vendors for their support. These types of shows are not possible without our vendors. Next year will be even bigger and we hope to continue our growth in the coming years.”

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LEFT: Gabe Schmidt, Team Sales, taking JVC products to the booth during set up. RIGHT: AJ Mulhern with the crew from Custom Audio who traveled the 210 miles from Corpus Christi to attend the SSR Open House.

Brad Ganz, Kicker Central Regional, stated “Overall the SSR Open House was great. The weather was perfect and the outside setup was terrific. Jim Wehling, our area rep with Marketing Pros, and I had lots of good conversations about Kicker with many different dealers. You could tell that this show is really starting to take off and become established as the premier distributor show in Texas. Amir does a wonderful job and all that attended had a great time and walked away with additional knowledge about Kicker plus other brands and products.”

Dhanani continued “We look at our Open House as a way to introduce new products and discuss new business opportunities, along with new revenue possibilities, with our dealers. Product training sessions from Metra and Audio Control were a real plus for our dealers. Jon Brothers presented brands under the Metra umbrella. Chris Bennett traveled from the great Northwest Rain Forest and was in the house and highlighted the latest from AudioControl.”

LEFT: Jon Brothers had a lot going on with the Metra brands, demo truck and training session. RIGHT: Hector Mena, Chris Bennett and Shawn Simpson (R to L) welcomed dealers to the AudioControl experience in Simpson’s new Infinity demo car.

Nina Contreras, SiriusXM Western Sales, commented “The SSR Open House was a super event with a lot of dealers in attendance. It was great to see and speak to dealers in the Houston market to make sure they were aware of the tremendous consumer-facing SiriusXM “Never Miss A Beat Promotion” that is running to drive sales.”

Hector Mena, Momentum Marketing Principal Partner, stated “The SSR Open House presented an opportunity for us to showcase AudioControl’s Digital Amp platform. We were able to perform several demonstrations of Shawn Simpson’s rep demo vehicle that really struck a chord with the dealers. The AudioControl D Series amplifiers represent some of the finest sounding equipment available in the industry. In addition we showed dealers Rockford Fosgate, VOXX, Crimestopper and Dynamat brands.”

LEFT: Kevin Allen set with the AAMP Team Phantom pickup. RIGHT: Nina Contreras handed out POP kits so dealers and customers would “Never Miss a Beat” with the SiriusXM promotion.

SSVWorks is a new line for SSR. Frank Quintero was in the house and covered the SSVWorks lineup geared to red hot ATV and Powersports market. Quintero had a SlingShot in his booth, provided by Houston-Based Sound Revolution, that rocked with SSVWorks gear.

Ceasar Olaes, BOYO Director of Sales, relayed “At the SSR Open House we showed dealers the iKeyFree. The iKeyFree has a touch pad like the KeyFree Touch but adds iOS and Android SmartPhone connectivity through an app. A new 5 in 1 camera grabbed dealers attention too.”

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The exhibitor lineup for the show was very impressive. Brands on site included: Pioneer with Sal Leon, Boss Audio and Planet with AJ Mulhern, Rockford Fosgate, Crimestopper, Audiovox, SiriusXM, Kicker with Brad Ganz, JVC with Team Sales’ Gabe Schmidt, Power Acoustik with Kent Daigle, Harman/JBL with Kim McDaniel, Metra with Jon Brothers, Massive Audio with Dave Gill-SMS, BOYO with Ceasar Olaes, HiFonics with rep Tommy McClure and Sam Dattalo from HQ, AAMP with Kevin Allen, Audio Control with Chris Bennett. Jason Hudnal showing amps from Banda Audioparts.

Bob Connacher was at his first SSR Open House and showed the latest Omega Research products. Connacher offered “As a rep it would take me almost a month of traveling to see the number of dealers I saw in a single afternoon at the SSR event. It was awesome seeing dealers get excited about Omega’s new LINKR-LT smartphone platform and our line of t-harnesses for full featured remote start/security systems. I always get a kick out of seeing jaws drop when I explain a unique patented feature like Vehicle Learn on Excalibur remote starts. I can’t thank the fine staff at SSR enough for putting on such a well-attended show.”

At the end of the day dealers gathered for the raffle prize drawing with Amir Dhanani in the mic.

Great show specials, raffles, prizes and giveaways were the menu along with the wide selection of food and refreshments plus the activities for children


Concluding, Dhanani added, “We were really thrilled with this year’s Open House that brought our vendors and dealers together for an exciting day. We are already looking forward to next year’s Open House.”

SSR Distributors is located in Southeast Houston at 5725 Hartsdale Drive, Houston 77036.

For more info, call 713-783-3973 or visit www.ssrdistributors.com.

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