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The Sound Factory Hosted Smokies Spring Slam

KNOXVILLE, TN (05.30.2019) – The Sound Factory hosted the 2019 Smokies Spring Slam on April 7th. This event, and the Smokies Summer Slam, are annual promotional events featuring MECA competitions presented by The Sound Factory.

The event was held about one mile from the Sound Factory location in the parking lot of the local Advance Auto Parts store. The Advance Auto Parts store is known for frequent car/truck/motorcycle shows and cruise-ins. With the JL Audio big tent serving as headquarters for the SQL people, and the MECA tent in front taking care of the SPL lanes, the show had a big footprint that drew lots of spectators stopping in from the nearby highway.

The MECA event drew 31 vehicles that participated in SQL and SPL lanes as well as the Show&Shine Contests.

Chris and Michael Myers recently bought the retail store from the original owner, Steve Hoskins. The duo are continuing the dedication to quality sound and installation services. Both Chris and Mike are accomplished MECA SQL competitors with State Champion and Finals credentials.

The Sound Factory has been hosting MECA events for several years, when Chris was the Manager, so the MECA ‘Club’ and the store have a solid partnership for promoting and participation in the car audio community. The Sound Factory was MECA 2017 Retail Member of the Year and hosts events… including their annual Toys For Tots benefit show.

Allan Shaffer served as Event Director and SPL Head Judge, with Mike Flanagan handling the SQL lanes. The Commish, Steve Stern, traveled from Nashville to deliver and present the trophies.

The Sound Factory will host a SQOLOGY event, SQL only, at the store on Saturday June 29th.

The Smokies Summer Slam is scheduled for August 4th.

This article contributed by MECA Commish Steve Stern.

Visit The Sound Factory’s Facebook Page. and mecacaraudio.com for more.


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