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THE SHOW 2019, Presented by P&E Distributors, Drew a Record Turnout

MURFREESBORO, TN (03.11.2019) – THE SHOW 2019 was a record setter. The huge ballroom at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in the Nashville suburb of Murfreesboro was filled wall-to-wall with exhibitor booths. P&E Distributors is a major force, not only in the 12Volt marketplace, but also in the automotive performance and aftermarket categories. P&E is a 2-Time ‘SEMA WD of the Year.’

THE SHOW 2019 attendees enjoyed a buffet that included delicious Tennessee BBQ.

Saturday night, before THE SHOW, the awards dinner was interrupted for by a tornado alert on cell phones and the hotel PA system. Everyone evacuated the dinner and went into interior hallways in the Embassy Suites. Heavy rain and strong winds plagued the area through the day and into the evening.

THE SHOW 2019 aisles were packed with dealers.

Josh Eatherly, P&E VP, stated to 12voltnews.com, “We were expecting the largest dealer turnout ever for THE SHOW 2019. Over a week before THE SHOW we had over 1200 people pre-registered. In fact, we had to add another 350 people for the lunch buffet. That was a crowd of 1550 that represented over 400 dealers from 11 states. This year’s event definitely surpassed all previous events.”

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On Sunday morning, Steve Cote’ strums the guitar awarded to JVC as ‘Vendor of the Year’ at the Saturday night awards ceremony.

There were over 110 vendors on site with booths representing 141 brands. In addition several SEMA quality show vehicles, from major vendors, were positioned around the huge exhibit hall. On the 12volt side Kicker, JVC and Alpine had show vehicles on the floor. The Alpine Chevy Pickup is one of the Alpine X-Perience vehicles participating at retailer’s stores on the Alpine-Xperience Tour.

Dealers gathered Sunday afternoon for THE SHOW prize drawings.

12volt brands exhibiting on the ballroom at the Embassy Suites included Metra brands, VOXX, Kenwood, JVC, SiriusXM, Audio Enhancers, RaceSport, Directed, Kicker, PowerBass, NuStart, iData, Massive Audio, Scorpion Tint, BrandMotion, AudioControl, Epsilon, Alpine, Firstech, ADS Maestro, Planet Audio, SAVV and BOYO.

Kenwood’s Seth Halstead, National Trainer, shows his phone’s screen that is mirrored on a head unit on the display. This new show display is self-contained. The sign comes down, the doors fold shut and the display ships. On the show floor it sounds fantastic too…with plenty of tight bass.

Continuing, Eatherly commented, “We feel a big benefit for dealers attending our event is the opportunity for in-booth trainings and meeting with factory folks. These in-booth trainings highlighted product features and provided selling tips. Networking with other dealers is also so valuable. Great deals in our 116 page THE SHOW catalog sweetened the pot”.

SAVV showed a wide variety of products. Eric Park (L) has returned to SAVV as Sr. VP and is pictured along with area rep Johnny Holland with HOCO.

The $5,000 cash drawing give-a-way has been a tradition for years at The Show. Apple watches, big screen TV’s and Ring Doorbells along with vendor giveaways went home with lucky winners.

1 Stop Automotive and Ship Sound shared the winning ticket in the $5,000 cash drawing.

Kevin Dunn (L), with 3 Cartronics locations in Nashville, is pictured with SiriusXM’s Paul Trueman.

Concluding, Eatherly stated “In addition to all of the above, we offered the best deals in Automotive Aftermarket Accessory and 12volt categories. It was great to see such a large turnout of our customers and friends at THE SHOW 2019.”

“THE SHOW 2019 was a record setter. We thank all of our dealers and friends for attending. A big thank you to our vendors really stepped up and contributed to the success of THE SHOW 2019. A big thank you also to our staff members for working to make everything come together for THE SHOW 2019.

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The crews from the P&E Marietta and Chattanooga locations were at THE SHOW 2019 in MURFREESBORO… which brought the staff total working THE SHOW to over 40 to work with dealers.

Dealers were treated to a full lunch buffet of the finest Tennessee BBQ.

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