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The New Memphis Audio M.BUDAir… True Wireless Earbuds

LEFT: The M.BUDAir fits comfortably in Dalton Trainer’s ear. RIGHT: Dalton Trainer working on his laptop listening to the M.BUDAir.

Dalton Trainer holds the M.BUDAir in the carrying case that doubles as a charger.

MEMPHIS, TN (12.05.2018) – Since hitting 12volt retailer’s shelves for the 2018 Holiday Season the new Memphis Audio M.BUDAir, true wireless earbud, is receiving high marks.

The M.BUDAir is lightweight and features hands-free voice recognition. Customizable ergonomic fit contributes to the M.BUDAir’s accurate powerful sound with enhanced bass response. The M.BudAir features a bountiful battery life which is packed into a stylish carrying case that includes an integrated charger.

The M.BUDAir offers effortless mobile device pairing and is Siri/Google Assistant ready. Suggested retail value is $120.

The Memphis Audio M.BUDAir, with carrying case, shown in Shane Dudley’s hand.

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Dalton Trainer, Car-Tunes-Greenville MS, stated “The Memphis Audio M.BUDAir is definitely one of my favorites. They have a quality sound without distorting and are comfortable in my ears. I really like the fact they are completely wireless and the case also doubles as the charger.”

Shane Dudley, Decibel Audio-Laurel MS, commented “We received the Memphis Audio M.BudAir just before the Memphis Audio Holiday promotion. They sound great and are grabbing attention in the promotion. My son actually uses the M.BUDAir during basketball practice warmup. He sets his phone on the bench and shoots free throws while listening to his favorite station”.


To drive Holiday sales the M.BUDAir is being offered free with a $500. Memphis Audio product purchase at Memphis Audio retailers and online at memphiscaraudio.com through December 31st 2018.

Visit memphiscaraudio.com for more.


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