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The N&H Dealer Show Featured a Successful New 2-Day Format

HATTIESBURG, MS (03.05.2019) – The 2019 N&H Show, Saturday, March 2nd at the company’s facility in Hattiesburg, MS featured a new format. The new format was a 1-Day show on Saturday March 2nd. By appointment, dealers could schedule a time on Sunday (March 3rd) to see the latest from top brands and pick up some great show / sale deals.

Dealers filled the aisles in the warehouse to pick up great deals.

Ricky Gibson related “The N&H Show on Saturday was like past shows, just keeps on getting better and better. What made this year’s show especially good was it was spread over 2 days. Dealers could take advantage of the sale/show items and new product offerings on their own timetable. JVC, PowerBass, Q Power, AAMP, Metra and Soundstream were brands that had products which especially caught dealers’ eyes.”

Dealer orders stacked on pallets in the warehouse ready to be loaded into a dealers truck or shipped.

The turnout on Saturday topped 70 with another 14 dealers on Sunday. This year N&H offered a dinner or gift card for dealers who attended the show. All 75 cards were placed in dealers hands.

Scott Rogers pictured with a PowerBass Soundbar shipment for the show.

“Looks like tax refund season officially hit our area this past week and dealers were ready to stock up… we expect followup business from the show to be tremendous” Gibson added.

Van Lee set to pull Kicker products for a dealer order.

Massive Audio is a new brand at N&H with the first order arriving the day before the show. Gibson said “The timing on that was perfect and dealers took advantage of our introductory special.”

Massive subs, that just came in, are on pallets and headed out for Dealer Show orders.

The lighting category is a bright spot across the 12volt industry and many retailers are lighting up sales and profits. The latest products from RaceSport attracted many dealers.

“Thanks to all the manufacturers, and especially the Team at N&H Electronics, for making the 2019 show another great show,” Gibson concluded.

For more info, visit nandhelectronics.com or call 800-264-8808.

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