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The Kicker Arenacross Series SLC… Livin’ Loud

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (02.26.2019) – The Kicker Arenacross Series continued in Salt Lake City at Maverick Stadium on Friday and Saturday, February 22nd and 23rd. Truck load after truckload of dirt was delivered on Wednesday to build and prepare the track for over 200 hundred riders to compete over the 2-Day competition.

Maverick Stadium was packed on Saturday evening, February 24th, for the Kicker Arenacross in Salt Lake City.

The Friday night crowd was very enthusiastic as they watched 25 races on the schedule. Saturday night all were really Livin’ Loud as the bikes roared and crowd members filled the stadium and corridor in front of the Kicker tents set up with a variety of Kicker gear.

Mike Craner’s Champion SPL pickup In front of Maverik stadium during early afternoon set up.

Supporting the event for Kicker were Lorin Morrell and area Kicker retailer Car Tunes with stores in Ogden and Layton Utah. The retailer showcased Kicker products to attendees under the two Kicker 10×20 tents. During the evening announcements were made over the PA system for contests to win Kicker prizes.

Kicker had two tents set up to put the brands’ products in front of the large crowd.

Mike Craner, the lead installation tech at the Car Tunes Layton store was on site with his GMC pickup loaded with a full Kicker system..including 4 L7 12” subs in a custom enclosure. Craner’s SPL Champion truck took home hardware from SoundOff during the 2019 CES. That hot ride was parked at the bottom of the stairs leading into the Maverick Stadium main entrance.

Hundreds of Car Tunes business cards were placed in their hands of those attending the Kicker Arenacross in Salt Lake City.

Craner stated “Tons of people checked out the pickup as they entered and exited the event. Unfortunately the set up did not allow me to crank the system during the evening events. During afternoon set up many felt the ground shake though. But inside we talked to hundreds of people about Kicker products displayed under the tents and gave out hundreds of Kicker lanyards. My 11-year old son was by my side handing out lanyards too. I put my business card in the hands of over 200 during the two nights.”

Car Tunes’ Mike Craner under the Kicker tent.

Kicker gear displayed on the table with the lights of Salt Lake City in the background.

A hot topic for many at the Arenacross event was info on gear for side-by-sides and custom enclosures.

Brad Ganz, Kicker Regional, It was great to have Mike Craner’s World Champion SPL truck on hand. He and Lorin were busy educating and showing attendees at the SLC Arenacross Kicker SSVWorks Polaris kits they had in the booth. The event was an overall success with lots of very interested consumers.”

An enthusiast set for a photo op.

Great night time shot of Mike Craner’s Champion SPL pick up loaded with full Kicker gear.

Morrell observed “Consumers who attend the Kicker Arenacross events see exciting racing and are exposed to the Kicker brands’ wide selection of products.”

The next stop for the Kicker Arenacross Winter Series is in Amarillo, TX on March 2nd. Tune into FOX Sports 2 on Thursday evenings to see Kicker Arenacross programming.

Visit kickerarenacross.com for more.

Thanks to Mike Craner, Lorin Morrell, and Brad Ganz for supplying images for this story.

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