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The Kicker Arenacross Series in Greensboro, NC

GREENSBORO, NC (02.12.2019) – The Kicker Arenacross Series rolled into Greensboro on Saturday, February 9th. Area retailer Sound Solutions, with 3 locations in the area, had staff members on site under a Kicker tent at the event. Dennis Montgomery, Tech Marketing, was on site and positioned the Kicker Ram pickup in the Greensboro Coliseum lobby for members of the crowd to experience.

The track was set for the racing to begin.

When the crowd started to arrive on Saturday night all was set for the crowd to experience great racing and Kicker ‘Livin’ Loud.

Sound Solutions staff members on site included Kalie Stanton, Nate Hair and David Willis.

Click the link below to view this video on the Sound Solutions Facebook page.

Click here to view the Live video from the event that Sound Solutions posted to its Facebook page.

Hair, who runs the Sound Solutions Greensboro located, stated “We didn’t know what to expect at first. But when the crowd started coming things got going real fast. People checked out the Kicker Ram and all were smiling. During the races there were contests announced on the PA to win prizes of Kicker gear and the winners came to the Kicker tent to claim their prizes. We gave away 2 Kicker Bullfrogs and 3 pairs of Kicker headphones. We handed out a lot of business cards and saw our customers from the store as well at the event.”

The track was set for the racing to begin.

Willis, who runs the Winston Salem store commented “This event was totally awesome. I saw a number of customers from the our Winston Salem store and talked with them about doing more business. I know I handed out more than 50 business cards. I didn’t watch much of the racing but got to talk with a whole bunch of consumers. Even saw one of my son’s friends who is into this track racing. The Kicker Ram pickup was definitely Livin’Loud!”

Montgomery offered “Looked like the attendance at the event was right at 6,000. That many people having fun, and checking out Kicker gear, made for a great event.”

Katlin Stanton, Nate Hair and David Willis had the Kicker gear set show to show customers under the tent.

The next stop for the Kicker Arenacross Series is in Chicago the weekend of February 15th and 16th.

Make your plans watch the Kicker Arenacross Series on Thursday, February 14th a 9 PM Eastern on Fox Sports 2

Visit kickerarenacross.com and kicker.com for more.

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