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The Install Bay Intros Power Inverters, Speaker Baffles, Switch Panel Mounts, Modular ATC Fuse Block


HOLLY HILL, FL (11.02.2018) – The Install Bay by Metra Electronics is expanding their extensive line of installation hardware with new solutions debuting at the 2018 SEMA Show. Power inverters, speaker baffles, a modular ATC fuse block, switch panels, waterproof connectors terminal/connector kits, and other accessories will soon be available for Metra Dealers.

Metra’s North Hall Booth is packed with attendees checking out new Install Bay products plus other brands under the Metra umbrella.

“We continue to support our customers by being their one-stop-shop for reliable and cost-effective products, manufactured by a company with more than 70 years of history in the aftermarket automotive accessories industry. From car audio systems to van conversions, RVs, powersports and motorsports, our essential hardware solutions can be found in most of the professional installation bays, hence our brand name,” says Joel Bransdorfer, Director of Product Development for The Install Bay.

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PowerMX PMX Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters The PMX series inverts 12VDC to AC, meets 120V AC electronic appliance safety operating standard and can be used to power most electronic appliances or equipment. These inverters provide a high-efficiency output, powerful starting capability, digital control and pure sine wave output. Safety features include DC voltage detection, high/low voltage alarm and protection, overload and short circuit protection, and auto-reset. The inverters have aluminum housing and will shut down if the internal temperature gets too hot, automatically resetting after the unit cools down. Part numbers PMX-1000W, PMX-2000W and PMX-3000W will be available in 1000, 2000 and 3000 watt options, respectively.

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Silicone Speaker Baffle Kits Enhance speaker performance with new foldable silicone speaker baffles, designed to improve the directional flow of sound by focusing it out of the door panel and into the cabin. The durable silicone material seals the speaker against the interior panel and adds waterproof protection that can withstand harsh environments and extend speaker lifespan. The included egg foam goes behind the speaker to improve sound performance by preventing sound bounce back.

Product Specifications: ● Foldable front ring guides sound into the vehicle cable ● Rear foldable ring fits different door depths and speaker heights, without the need for trimming ● Offers a better seal and improved sound performance ● Includes egg foam and 2 speaker baffles (retail 10-pack kits also available for 6.5” and 6×9” sizes) ● Packaged for retail display

Part Number and Title: IBSBF65: 6.5” Kit with 2 Silicone Speaker Baffles IBSBF65-B for 10-pack retail kit / 20 baffles IBSBF525: 5.25” Kit with 2 Silicone Speaker Baffles IBSBF69 6X9” Kit with 2 Silicone Speaker Baffles IBSBF69-B for 10-pack retail kit / 20 baffles

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Switch Panel Mounts A 6-position rocker switch panel and 6 new switches that work with Heise LED Lighting Systems, Metra PowerSports and Metra Marine products are being introduced to The Install Bay product line. The switches all feature short circuit, overload and reverse polarity protection with a CE Certified 12-24 volt range output. The 6-position rocker rubber switch panel (IBSP6) has waterproof seals and a waterproof, anti-corrosion design. Additional features vary for each model. Modular ATC/ATM Fuse Block – Exclusive to Metra Electronics

The ATMFP is a unique ATC/ATM fuse block with a patented modular design, ideal for marine and automotive vehicle electrical systems. One fuse block serves as an in-line fuse holder that with jumpers can be used to create any distribution block, fused distribution block or power/ground block desired. This unique and exclusive design eliminates complex fuse blocks and heavy stock items, replacing them with one small part.

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Product Specifications: ● Max amperage: 40A per circuit ● Max voltage: 32V DC ● Mounting: #8 Screw (M4) ● Fuses any ATC – ATM fuses

Terminal / Connector and Assorted Fuse Kits New assorted terminals and connectors in a retail storage kit will be available in a 150-piece (IBK-150), 175-piece (IBK-175), and 300-piece (IBK-300) kit. An assorted heat shrink terminal/connector 120-piece kit (IBK-HS120) and 300-piece nylon assorted terminal/connector kit (IBK-N300) will also be offered. New assortment kits will also be available for ATMLP fuses and ATC fuses in a clear retail storage kit.


Additional installation accessories include 12, 16 and 18 gauge waterproof connectors with 2 conductor plug-in connectors. Visit TheInstallBay.com for additional information and see all of the new products at SEMA in the Metra Electronics main booth 11629 (North Hall) and with their off-road, truck and powersports accessories at booth 37011 in the South Hall Upper Level.

Visit theinstallbay.com for more.


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