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The DOW Electronics Elite Dealer Retreat Streamsong 2018

STREAMSONG, FL (07.30.2018) – DOW Electronics hosted 125 Elite dealers at the Streamsong luxury resort on Monday and Tuesday, July 23rd and 24th, respectively. A personalized agenda for the 2-day retreat was provided, with full details, when dealers arrived at the Streamsong Resort. The 125 Elite dealers included 12volt and home AV dealers from throughout the DOW’s expansive territory.

The Streamsong Resort was the site of the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat.

Monday began with a welcoming presentation following breakfast. During the day each dealer attended six 45 minute breakout sessions with different manufacturers. Monday’s activities concluded with a late afternoon closest to the pin challenge, cocktail hour and dinner.

Jay Johnson, DOW Director of Marketing, stated “We worked with manufacturers to identify what they wanted to accomplish with each breakout session. We then tailored our dealer audience to fit their goals.”

SiriusXM’s Paul Trueman making a point on the trade show floor. Trueman stated “DOW has taken dealer events to the next level, inviting 125 dealers who were treated to 3 days at an amazing resort. The participation and enthusiasm from dealers was non stop between breakout sessions and social events. I can guarantee dealers will be actively seeking out how they get invited in DOW does a Elite Dealer Retreat in the future.”

See @dowelectronics on Instagram for a number of image posts showcasing activities during the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat.

Drew Fischer, DOW Director of Sales, offered “The criteria for the 125 Elite Dealers we invited was based on more than just sales dollars. The dealer’s history with DOW, their vision to adapt to the changing market, their ability to grow with new products and opportunities were also factors we took into consideration.”

Rich DeSclafani, CRUX Interfacing, snapped a selfie during an evening event. DeSclafani stated “The DOW Retreat was an amazing dealer event. The overall planning and execution by the DOW team really showed through as the entire event ran so smoothly. We talked with many happy CRUX dealers and added new dealers too.”

On Tuesday, morning through mid-day, attendees participated in a variety of activities including either sporting clay shooting, guided bass fishing, 9 holes of golf on the new Streamsong Black Course or relaxing by the pool on their preference.

Mike Hurwitz, DOW Strategic Sales Manager-12volt, related “The feedback from 12volt retailers who attended the retreat has been overwhelming, so positive.”

A few of the DOW staff members with a crowd of dealers in the background.

Ray Baldwin, Baldwin Electronics-Odessa TX commented “The entire event was terrific. There was a family feel throughout the time at the Streamsong Resort. I have been in business for 38 years and the DOW Retreat was the best distributor event I ever attended.”

Marshall Woolford, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, relayed “It was 2 days packed with so many activities. The breakout sessions by the vendors were very informative. The trade show and other activities provided opportunities to learn and network. My wife, Shelah, and I will remember the terrific DOW Retreat for years to come.”

Kris Bulla, Sony National Product Trainer, makes a point during a breakout session.

Jay Bradshaw, Volunteer Audio-Oliver Springs TN, stated “The trip to the DOW Retreat was an eyeopener for us. My wife and I saw alligators and wild boars on the resort grounds. What we learned during the breakout sessions on Monday will be put to use in our business. The activities offered on Tuesday were amazing.”

See @dowelectronics on Instagram for a number of image posts showcasing activities during the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat.

A vendor trade show was open from 4:30 until 7:30. Dinner and closing ceremony concluded Tuesday’s schedule and the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat 2018.

12volt Vendors that sponsored the event included AudioControl, Axxera, Compustar, CRUX, Escort, Metra, Rockford Fosgate, Rostra, Rydeen/Roadgear, SiriusXM and Sony.

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