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The dB Drag Racing Association Wrapped 2018 North American Finals at 3 Locations

SACRAMENTO, CA (10.18.2018) – The dB Drag Racing Association wrapped up the 2018 North American Finals over the weekend of October 13-14, 2018. The event was held at 3 locations simultaneously and the competition was linked via the Term-LAB Measurement System. Competitors competed in: Sacramento, California; Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada; and Louisville, Kentucky. The location in Louisville was the main location and was held in conjunction with the Car Audio Championship at the Kentucky Expo Center. The event was a collaborative effort which included the dBDRA, MECA and IASCA.

dBDragRacing judges took a quick break from the lanes for a photo op. Wayne and Celise Harris are pictured in the center of the front row at the Car Audio Championship 2018 in Louisville.

The dBDRA had 154 participants competing in the following formats of competition: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Top Dog, Psychlone and Bagger Beatz Power Wheels.

Trophies were sponsored by Deaf Bonce and awarded in all divisions of competition in all 3 locations. In addition to trophies, all First Place Champions will receive a custom championship ring sponsored by Incriminator Audio. The rings are all silver and customized for each competitor with their choice of stone color and ring size.

First Place Champions in each of 5 formats of competition include:

dB Drag Racing Street Stock 1K – Team Last Minute Street Stock 2K – Kevin Koller Street Stock 5K – Kevin Ecker Street Stock NL – Team Sound Check Mike Street Stock Trunk 5K – Terry Brocks Street Stock Wall 5K – Team Terrafied Super Street No Wall – Team Trelo Loud Super Street 1-2 – Team Soundcheck Super Street 3-4 – dB Rev Jay Super Street 5+ – Chris Peters Super Street X – Steve Mick Extreme NL – James Sakaley

Bass Race Bass Race 120.0-129.9db – Brian Nyman Bass Race 130.0-139.9db – Team FX Bass Monkey Bass Race 140.0-149.9db – Chris Peters Bass Race 150.0-159.9db – Steve Mick

Rob Kollar’s truck, dBDRA Best in Show at the Car Audio Championship, is the centerpiece in this image of Team Incriminator Audio Team members.

Psychlone Kenny Capener

Top Dog Team FX Jimbo

Power Wheels Ms. Adysen

The dBDRA awarded personalized backpacks to all of the points leaders this season. These competitors accrued the most points in their format of competition. The 2018 points leaders are:

A.U. ULTIMATE DECIBELLE DIVA dB Drag Racing – 2018 Points Champion – Canada

TEAM FX JIMBO Bass Race – 2018 Points Champion – Canada

TEAM FX BASS MONKEY Top Dog – 2018 Points Champion – Canada

TEAM FX DAILEN Psychlone – 2018 Points Champion – Canada

TONKO MOUA dB Drag Racing – 2018 Points Champion – Western Region

TEAM EVIL HZ BRYAN Bass Race – 2018 Points Champion – Western Region

BASS RUNNER – Top Dog – 2018 Points Champion – Western Region NOAH JOHNSON

Psychlone – 2018 Points Champion – Western Region

TEAM SOUNDCHECK dB Drag Racing – 2018 Points Champion – Eastern Region

DUSTIN WRIGHT Bass Race – 2018 Points Champion (TIE) – Eastern Region

TEAM SOUND FREQS Bass Race – 2018 Points Champion (TIE) – Eastern Region

DUSTIN WRIGHT Top Dog – 2018 Points Champion – Eastern Region

BRANDON ROSSER Psychlone – 2018 Points Champion – Eastern Region

ADYSEN Bagger Beatz Power Wheels – 2018 Points Champion – Eastern Region

Kevin Ecker and the Beer Mass Mafia team work to max the number on the meter in the dB Drag Racing lane on Sunday in Louisville.

In addition to the Finals event, a 3X competition was held as a 2019 season points cut off. Many of the competitors competed in both events in order to get a jump on points for next season. However, there were a few competitors that competed in the 3X that were not part of Finals. One notable score is from Scott Van Riper as he put up a score of 180 dB in the Extreme No Limit class during the 3X competition. There were a few windshields that were damaged during the event as well. On Friday evening, Neill Barber broke his front windshield and on Sunday Neill SHATTERED his side window. In Louisville, a Best of Show award was presented to Rob Kollar with Team Incriminator.

The competitors all had a chance to win over $2500 in awesome raffle prizes thanks to Kicker Car Audio and Deaf Bonce. The winners of the 6 Kicker Bullfrog Bluetooth speakers are: Beau Boren, Jordan Smith, Jeffrey Hald, Juan Maldanado, Mark Brooks and Don Ward. The winners of the 8 Deafbonce Speakers are: Dustin Wright, Will Mantlo, Brant Anderson, Brandon Walbeck, Walt Johnson, Tate Thornhill, Greg Kelley and Ryan Wheaton. Congrats to all the raffle winners.

This event was made possible through the hard work, late hours and dedication of our competitors, judging staff and assistants. There are not enough words to thank all of the judges however the recognition is most deserving.


The finals judging staff in Louisville consisted of: Yiannis Lekkas, Jeremy Weber, Jereme Creamer, Chet Holmberg and Jeffrey Fernandez. The lanes, registration and computer support: Celise Harris, Roy Ours, Malissa Creamer and Wayne Harris. The 3X judging staff on Friday also included: Brandon Rosser and Ellie Rosser.

The judging staff in Sacramento, CA consisted of: Doug Stockton, Kimo and Andrew McCain.

The judging staff in Spruce Grove, Alberta consisted of: Raymond Choy assisted by James Spencer, Dailen Boot and Dale Everatt. Registration: Erin Schild and Stephanie Noseworthy. Photography: Bradley Doucette.

The Car Audio Championship is made possible by the following sponsors: Deaf Bonce – Title Sponsor DD Audio – SPL Arena Sponsor B2 Audio – SQ Hall Sponsor Orion Car Audio – Good Bag Sponsor Incriminator Audio – Badge Sponsor

SHOW SPONSORS Deaf Bonce – DD Audio – B2 Audio – Orion Car Audio – XS Power – Resilient Sounds – Kicker Car Audio

T-SHIRT SPONSORS Deaf Bonce – DD Audio – B2 Audio – Orion Car Audio – XS Power – Resilient Sounds – Incriminator Audio – Full Throttle Battery – Ohio Generator – Metra – Team Peak Freq – Team Imperial – Crossfire Car Audio – SounDigital – 12 Volt News – Sundown Audio – Term-LAB

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