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THE BEST EVER….The 23rd Annual Sanford Sound Car Show

SANFORD, ME (08.01.2019) – Everything came together perfectly to make the 23rd Annual Sanford Sound Car Show and Bikini Car Wash the best ever. A sunny sky and temperature in the high 80’s, coupled with the promotional activity of Sanford Sounds’ owner Jack Bogard and team, all came together.

The line to register extended beyond the camera lens before 9AM Sunday morning, July 28th.

“When I looked out the front door of the store at 9 AM and saw 50 or 60 people lined up to register for the Car Show, I thought WOW. People and their cars kept coming and mid-morning we had to cutoff registration at 175 cars. Traffic was backed up on Highway 109 -Main Street in Sanford out of sight around the curve. Far more entries than we have had in past years. We also had 45 competitors in the NADBL Bass Competition out back on the property” Bogard stated.

After the Sanford Sound event wrapped the Team, with Jack Bogard (3rd from right), gathered for a group photo.

JL Audio was set up on site with Bill French giving demos. Memphis Audio drew a crowd with a decked out RZR when Chad Boone hit the volume. There was a radio remote from 104.7 with Rap Concert tickets as prizes and a pizza eating contest. The winner downed a large cheese pizza in 3.5 minutes.

Via the Mad Cow Photography Facebook page.

Click here to view many more photos from the event via the Mad Cow Photography Facebook page.

The Sanford Sound Car Show has grown through the 23 years and many car clubs gathered at the event. Three big car clubs turned out this year with 30 members each.

Continuing, Bogard offered “We had to change up the Bikini Car Wash because we had too many cars on the property. We did a raffle for 4 car washes and collected $200 for charity. We also handed out vendor and Sanford Sound T-shirts, coozies and hats. Those type of giveaways contribute to branding for our brands and our store.”

Sanford Sound created very unique piston-shaped trophies for this year’s winners.

To cap the event Bogard related “We could have never done this without the great Sanford Sound staff…Andrew, Caleb, Bill, Todd, Zach, April, Donny, the lovely Brianna and extra importantly my beautiful wife Christine. She deals with my time away from home and all the stress building up to the annual Sanford Sound Car Shows. See ya next year!”

Visit www.sanfordsound.com for more.

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