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The Alpine X-Perience Event Rolled Into Advanced Car Creations

GARDEN GROVE, CA (02.19.2019) – The Alpine Toyota Tacoma was the center of attention for the Alpine X-Perience Event at Advanced Car Creations in Garden Grove on Wednesday, February 13th.

Alpine’s Jason Fine (L) and Chris Sinh with the Alpine X-Perience Toyota Tacoma at the Advanced Car Creations event.

Alpine Sales Rep Jason Fine, Alpine Brand Specialist Chris Sinh and Alpine National Trainer Chris Teguh were on site to engage with consumers attending the event and give product demos in the Alpine X-Perience Toyota Tacoma. In addition, Teguh spent time with Advanced Car Creations’ staff members to pass along valuable product information.

Jason Fine (R) speaking with attendees at the Advanced Car Creations X-Perience event.

Robert Lopez, Advanced Car Creations owner, related to 12voltnews.com “Our Alpine X-Perience event was terrific. The Alpine graphic announcing the event grabbed attention on our Instagram and Facebook posts. We posted it on the 7th for the X-Perience event on the 13th. We had calls with questions about the event. Also, its been raining in LA and the day of the event we had calls asking if the event was still going on. We said “yes” as Alpine had a tent set up in our parking lot.”

The Alpine 9” Halo iLX-F309TCM installed in the Toyota Tacoma dash showcased a NAV feature in this image.

During the event, from 10AM until 6PM, Lopez noted there were at least 25 consumers at the event who had never been into the store. That number was exceeded by the number of previous customers who came to check out the Alpine X-Perience.

Robert Lopez by the Alpine display in the showroom of his store in Garden Grove, CA.

“We had a great event and doubled our normal sales for the day. Alpine is really hitting the mark on what retailers need to create awareness and get consumers into their stores. When people checked out the Alpine 9” Halo and heard the the full X-Series system of speakers, amps and subs, their eyes opened wide with a big smile on their faces” Lopez offered.

Advanced Car Creations is already planning additional Alpine X-Perince events later in 2019.

Visit alpine-usa.com for more.

Images supplied by Alpine Electronics.

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