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The Advanced SQ Seminar Hit the Mark

BIXBY, OK (09.13.2018) – The Advanced SQ Seminar hit the mark during the 2-Day session Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th. Mark Eldridge, Mobile Soundstage Engineering, who orchestrated and conducted the event said “It was great this weekend! We covered a lot of ground and the fellows in the class were right there on top of it the entire time.”

Class members got into horn designs for in-vehicle applications. Mark Eldridge is on the right.

Continuing, Eldridge stated “We have the 50+ page outline/reference book for the class which we follow for essential topics to cover and discuss. But, like every one of these classes, the group takes several detours. We ended up getting deep into topics that they want to discuss which were not even on the outline. That is one of my favorite parts of the class, that we can be flexible and dive into what the students want to learn about.”

A few members of the class listening to reference systems in the Mobile Soundstage Engineering classroom.

The fellows in this class wanted to spend a lot more time than most just listening to music on the reference systems.

Industry members attending this Advanced SQ Seminar were Jeremy Garrett, Jim Johnson, Omar “Fibras” Garcia, Wallace Whitworth, Philip Heath, and Andrew Smith.

Another Advanced SQ Seminar is in the works for the first or second weekend of December 2018.

For more info, contact Mark Eldridge: [email protected]

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