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The 7th Annual Importel Expo Was A Record-Setter

TORONTO, ONTARIO (05.06.19) Importel LTD hosted the company’s 7th Annual Expo on Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th respectively, at the company’s Flint Road location in Toronto. Ninety dealers from across Canada were represented and the total attendance from dealers topped 150. Importel’s facility was filled with vendor booths. Dealers were shuttled to the training sessions at the near by Factory Lounge.

Andy Wehmeyer, Audiofrog, making a DSP presentation to a packed house.

“We had a terrific turnout for our 2019 Expo…it was larger than ever before. We finished our dealer catalogue prior to the Expo and handed the catalogues out in gift bags with other goodies” Alex MacNeil, Importel Marketing and Web Specialist, related to 12voltnews.com.

Items included in the CRUX gift bags included the new Importel catalogue and branded pry tools, pens and golf shirts plus other items.

Vendor booths were set up in the Importel warehouse area.

Manufacturers set up booths in the Importel warehouse. An array of Expo brand and product discounts and sales programs, giveaways, contests, plus offsite training sessions, were on the schedule for the 2 days. A BBQ setup was out front that supplied everyone with delicious burgers and sausages.

Continuing MacNeil relayed “Our training sessions were a huge success too. We rented a place called The Factory Lounge not far from our warehouse and had a shuttle service running throughout Saturday and Sunday to take dealers over to the various training sessions”.

Phil Camirand making an iDatalink presentation at offsite training at The Factory Lounge.

Andy Wehmeyer, AudioFrog, delivered the Keynote focused on upgrading modern OE systems and DSP. ‘How to plan, sell and tune a predictable and profitable upgrade’ was the subject of the Keynote.

Training session on the schedule included the aforementioned Wehmeyer, Phil Camirand-iDatalink, Larry Frederick-Cerwin Vega, Jason Kemmerer-WavTech, Juan Lugo-AXXESS, Ilya Firsov-Author Alarm, Chris Chang-Lumens HPL and Victor Chavez-USA-Spec.

Ilya Firsov and Anna Frantsuzova traveled from Russia to present the Author Alarm line to dealers at the Importel Expo.

Hamza Khalid, CRUX Interfacing offered “The Importel Expo is always a great show for CRUX because we are spreading knowledge to our dealers, distributors and reps in Canada. Kelly, and the rest of the Importel staff, did a fantastic job of accommodating Judd. There were several dealers that CRUX got to meet in person and we look forward to attending Expo 2020″.

“Word from our vendors was very positive. They said many dealer engaged in meaningful conversations with them and they learned quite a few new things. All in all it was an amazing event. We are extremely happy with the outcome and look forward to the 2020 Importel Expo. We thank all of the vendor representatives and guest speakers that made the 2019 Expo successful and memorable.” MacNeil concluded.

Larry Frederick making a Cerwin Vega presentation to a Dealer.

The Author Alarm representatives, a new vendor on the Importel line card, traveled from Russia for the event. Ilya Firsov and Anna Frantsuzova had quite a journey to present the Author Alarm brand at the 2019 Importel Expo.

Vendors on site included Accele, ARC Audio, Audiofrog, Author Alarm, Cerwin Vega, Connects2, DB Drive, Fortin, iDatalink, JVC Kenwood, Kingpin U. Lumens HPL, Metra/AXXESS, SiriusXM, SONAX, USA Spec, VAIS Technology , VOXX Electronics and WavTech.

Jason Kranitz, Kingpin U., explains class offerings to dealers.

A big 12volt News Hat’s Off to all who contributed to the success of the 2019 Importel Expo.

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