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The 2018 Car Audio Championship Announces Several Sponsors

LOUISVILLE, KY (09.24.2018) – The Car Audio Championship has announced several sponsors for this year’s Unified Finals event in Louisville, KY on October 13-14, 2018.


TITLE SPONSOR – DEAF BONCE The 4nd Annual TITLE SPONSOR for the event will be Deaf Bonce. Deaf Bonce is a car audio manufacturer based in Russia. The company’s main efforts are adapting to the needs of the ever-changing car audio markets with innovative design solutions and a unique product line up. Deaf Bonce prides itself with having the best features in every price segment to reach the consumers’ needs. Deaf Bonce offers a wide range of car audio products ranging from affordable speakers and amplifiers to top-level products used by winning champions. Deaf Bonce is a huge supporter of the competitors with over 100 team cars currently competing in several countries. Deaf Bonce has worldwide distribution and has been ramping up their presence in the United States. Deaf Bonce has been a great supporter of the Car Audio Championship and its competitors. The mission of the company is to create perfect products that satisfy the sound needs of everybody and everyone, regardless of possibilities and musical preferences of the consumer. === www.deafbonce.com ===

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SPL ARENA SPONSOR – DD AUDIO Established in 1986, DD Audio has designed and manufactured products for every facet of the audio industry; Pro, Marine, Mobile, Home, Industrial, and OEM Applications, and they take pride in their role as an American design and manufacturing company, offering high-quality audio products to the masses. === www.ddaudio.com ===

SQ HALL SPONSOR – B2 AUDIO B2 Audio was founded in Denmark in 2008 by a group of audiophiles and industry enthusiasts. Using their collective knowledge and many years of experience, they had one goal in mind and that was to make the best audio products on the market! B2 Audio prides itself in setting high standards by pushing the envelope in both design and technology. The B2 Audio team boasts enthusiasm and attitude which in turn makes their products niche and unique. With the “Sweet like Danish” approach, the B2 products are a tad sweeter than the competition. With a wide product range available, B2 Audio is the brand of choice by many World Champions, industry professionals and consumers. === www.b2audio.com ===

GOODIE BAG SPONSOR – ORION AUDIO The Orion product line debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1985. Over 30 years later, Orion Car Audio is still one of the best-known, toughest and well respected high performance car audio brands in the world. Orion offers an extensive line up of high quality, powerful audio products with outstanding performance. Many of the product lines and been improved and expanded over the years including: the HCCA line of subwoofers and amplifiers, XTR line of subwoofers and amplifiers and the ALL NEW re-designed and powerful XTRPRO subwoofer line (for those who dare to compare). Orion has also re-launced the WIRED and COBALT line of accessories which include more products, better quality and a new look! === www.orioncaraudio.com ===


BADGE SPONSOR – INCRIMINATOR AUDIO The Car Audio Championship would like to give a shout out to Incriminator Audio as the 7th Annual Badge sponsor for the event. Incriminator Audio offers a full range of products from Amps to Subs, Coax speakers and branded gear. IA is branded as a unique, bold, in your face product that is exceptional on all levels from quality, to durability and customer satisfaction. Incriminator prides itself in its retailers that are passionate about the products they carry. Essentially, enthusiasts that live, eat and breathe car audio. === www.incriminatoraudio.com ===

SHOW SPONSORS Deaf Bonce – DD Audio – B2 Audio – Orion Car Audio – XS Power – Resilient Sounds

T-SHIRT SPONSORS Deaf Bonce – DD Audio – B2 Audio – Orion Car Audio – XS Power – Resilient Sounds – Incriminator Audio – Full Throttle Battery – Ohio Generator – Metra – Team Peak Freq – Team Imperial – Crossfire Car Audio – SounDigital – 12 Volt News – Sundown Audio – Term-LAB

MEDIA PARTNERS 12 Volt News – Gauge Magazine

The Car Audio Championship would like to thank all of the sponsors for making the event possible. If you are interested in a booth at the event, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives for additional information:

Celise Harris dB Drag Racing Email: [email protected]

Moe Sabourin IASCA Email: [email protected]

Steve Stern MECA Car Audio Email: [email protected]


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