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The 12volt News Is 25 Years Old And Planning For A Very Exciting Future

SHREVEPORT, LA (02.23.19) This month the 12volt News turned 25 years old. No doubt a lot has happened in the world, and the 12volt industry, since we mailed the first 1-Page 12volt Advertiser in February of 1994. The 12volt Advertiser grew from the 1-Page announcement into The 12volt News at 3 sections and 192 pages a month. The 12volt News in print was 10 tons when we delivered the 18,000+ copies to the U.S. Post Office….along with a check totaling nearly $20K.

In 2007 the 12volt News printed no more as the internet began overpowering print publications.

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Click the link above for a studio tour!

Fast forward to February 2019 and the 12volt News continues to expand through a continuing digital outreach.

The short video included in this article provides viewers with a quick tour of today’s 12volt Central Studios facility in Shreveport LA. The same facility were the 12volt News began in print 25 years ago this month.

Today the 12volt News is the 12volt News Network, 12VNN, in the 12volt Central Studios. Industry news that happens today can be viewed by industry members today.

A recent agreement with RSA, Rob Smith Audio, is set to provide more recording and editing possibilities from this nationally known audio engineer.

Look forward to seeing friends and industry members on posts from the 12volt Central [email protected] on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter plus www.12voltnews.com on the web.

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