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The 12Volt Marketing Group Adds to Staff

The 12volt Marketing Group team is pictured with the Interstate Electronics team. Curtis Pemberton, Frankie Mark, Fred Orpen, Ed Keatchum and Jose Castellon. (L to R) Orpen is Senior Management and Keatchum is the Interstate Owner.

BAYONNE, NJ (07.10.2018) The 12volt Marketing Group rep firm, now 6 years old, has added to the company’s staff.

Frankie Mark, the firm’s principal, stated “We have added two very qualified 12volt industry veterans. Curtis Pemberton is a 15+ year industry veteran who worked in installation bays and sales for Best Buy, Circuit City and 6th Avenue Electronics. Jose Castellon has a 12 year history in 12volt with installation experience with Penske Automotive and a subcontractor for Fleet GPS Systems.”

Pemberton will assist Mark in sales-covering Northern New Jersey and Rockland / Westchester City NY.

Castellon will work with Mark as the company’s Latin Sales Manager. Castellon’s bi-lingual skills will bridge communications gaps with many Latin store owners in Metro New York and New Jersey.

This April 2018 AAMP Global meeting, hosted by The 12volt Marketing Group, was very well attended.

Continuing, Mark offered, “As a 26 year industry veteran I’ve recognized year over year challenges we face across the industry. Technology has become simplified and challenging at the same time. Today OEM is surpassing aftermarket technology. OEM’s today speak CAN/Digital. Analog is a dinosaur. Factory infotainment systems, D-Class factory amplifiers, MOST systems, Fiber Optic, Collision Avoidance Systems, Blind Spot Detection and CAN Bus are common words today for 12volt. But, as I travel on a daily basis, servicing Metro NY/NJ and Connecticut territories I realize many independent retailers lack the knowledge, have a fear of the categories and have no interest to convey/teach the new technologies to end users. My passion for the 12volt industry is to continue to assist each and everyone to overcome the obstacles we face in the 12volt industry today.”


Year over year, the 12volt Marketing Group has organized open invitation training sessions. Each year attendance at training sessions has grown because of the necessary knowledge required to overcome the challenges of vehicles today. CompuStar and AAMP Global are two companies instrumental in the12volt Marketing Groups’ training efforts.

Helix DSP, Match, Blam Audio and Brax Audio are recent additions to the 12volt Marketing Group’s line card. Audiotec Fischer is based in Germany and is recognized for exceptional DSP Processor products.

“We now represent 4 major manufactures that offer solutions in OEM amplifier integration or DSP solutions-Helix DSP, ADS Maestro, PAC Audio AMP Pro 4 and Phoenix Gold DSP8.8 with Diamond Audio coming soon. With that in mind, for the first time, we are working on DSP processing tech training session schedules for Metro New York and New Jersey. We encourage your input and attendance at training sessions the second half of 2018 and beyond.”

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