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Stereo King Connected with Consumers at the Portland International Auto Show

PORTLAND, OR (02.08.2019) – Stereo King had a major presence on the event floor at the 2019 Portland International Auto Show at the Oregon Convention Center. This event is the largest auto show in the Northwest and the Stereo King team was on site during the January 24th through 27th run. Attendance for this year’s event topped 100,000.

The very large Stereo King booth was packed during the show.

Kevin Cornutt, Stereo King GM, related to 12voltnews.com “This was the second year for Stereo King to exhibit at the Portland International Auto Show. It was a terrific event for our company and we definitely plan to be on site next year. As a matter of fact, very soon we will attend a planning meeting for 2020.”

The loaded Rockford Fosgate UTV grabbed eyeballs.

The Stereo King booth, 20×60, on the event floor was part of the “Garage” area. Stereo King installation professionals completed installations on the event floor. “Show attendees were fixated on the installations in progress. A Porsche 911 Escort Radar installation grabbed as well as a lift kit and light bar on a Honda Ridgeline plus a Subaru wrap” Cornutt stated.

(L to R) Jeremy Foss-Dual/Jensen, Ryan Christie-N&S Marketing, Kevin Cornutt-Stereo King and Rob Sutton-Kenwood.

During the event the 10-member Stereo King staff engaged with thousands of show attendees that went through the booth. Special poker chips were developed offering $25. off the in-store purchase of a Pioneer or Kenwood product.

Hundreds of Pioneer and Kenwood $25 ships were given out for in-store purchase discounts.

“Already we have had customers come into our stores from the event. In several cases they redeemed the poker chips with a Pioneer or Kenwood purchase” Cornutt added.

Rob Sutton, Kenwood Sr. Manager Western Region, relayed “It’s great to see such a strong promoting dealer go out and earn new business opportunities in their market. The booth layout was well executed and did a great job of conveying all they had to offer across multiple product categories. I’ve seen several dealers across the country expand their local marketing strategy into Auto/Boat Shows with positive results.”

The Stereo King booth, at set up, at the Portland International Auto Show highlighted key brands and product categories.

Ryan Christie, N&S Marketing and Sales, was on site representing the Kenwood, Jensen and Directed brands with Stereo King. Christie related “I think it was a great event for Stereo King to participate in because they got to see a large cross section of the public that didn’t know who Stereo King was and may never have walked through their door if not for this. We had a great display and backdrops supplied by Kenwood, Jensen and Directed. The Stereo King booth looked very professional.”

A BlackTie Charity event was held the evening before the Portland International Auto Show. (L to R) Jeremy Foss-Dual/Jensen, Ryan Christie-N&S with Kevin Cornutt and wife Bethany.

Jeremy Foss, Western Regional Dual and Jensen offered “Kevin Cornutt and his team did an amazing job of engaging virtually every single person that came through their massive booth at the Portland Auto Show.”

“A big thank you for the vendor support from Kenwood, Pioneer, Escort, Directed, Jensen, Rockford Fosgate and Scosche. Members of the N&S Marketing and Sales plus Oliver Marketing added greatly a very successful Portland International Auto Show for Stereo King” Cornutt concluded.

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