• Mike Van Horn

Scosche Releases USB-C to Lightning Power Delivery Cable

OXNARD, CA ( – Scosche Industries has begun to ship their new MFI-certified USB-C to Lightning Power Delivery cables. These cables connect and sync Apple Lightning devices with USB-C enabled devices such as: laptops, tablets, hard drives, smartphones, digital cameras and more.

Scosche is introducing an entire family of USB-C → Lightning Power Delivery cables, of which this durable Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) version (shown above) is now available. Braided versions (shown below) (in 4ft and 10ft lengths) will be available by the end of April, 2019.

This cable delivers a number of valuable benefits to Apple device users including the following: ● When used with a Scosche USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger, this cable charges Lightning devices like iPhones and iPads, at 3X the rate of a regular charger and cable and supports Apple Fast Charge. ● It delivers both data and power. ● The USB-C connector is reversible – there is no “upside down”. ● USB-C is universal and has been adopted by most major manufacturers for their new products including: Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Dell. ● It is an international standard so USB-C chargers and connections are found in hotels and airports around the world. ● USB-C PD uses a universal power delivery system so there is no concern about wattage levels. If a device does not support PD, the charger and cable will default to what the phone can safely support. ● The USB-C PD specification supports scalable power and performance which means it is backwards compatible and future-proof.

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To visit the product page, click here. See scosche.com for more.


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