• Mike Van Horn

Santa Fe Distributing Joins EDA


SEATTLE, WA (01.03.2018) – Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA) announced today the addition of Santa Fe Distributing to its ranks. Santa Fe is the thirteenth distributor admitted to the buying group – increasing the buying power to over $130,000,000.

Santa Fe operates three full service distribution centers providing same day or next day service to the states of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Southern Illinois and El Paso, Texas.

Jim Warren, EDA’s Executive Director commented, “Santa Fe represents an important addition to the group. The way Santa Fe approaches its business is exactly in line with the direction of the group. They are bold and aggressive and like-minded. We are really pleased to have them as part of the group.”

Jeff Henshaw, Santa Fe’s president added, “I look forward to working with this strong group of Distributors. I believe the strength of this group has benefits for the members and vendors which in turn will ultimately help our dealers. We are excited to hit the ground running with the EDA in 2019.”

Josh Eatherly, EDA’s president, commented, “EDA is growing at a very rapid pace. We are committed to providing quality full service twelve-volt distribution in all 48 states. Jeff Henshaw has built an incredible organization and I speak on behalf of all of our members in saying that we are proud that Santa Fe has joined the group.”

Visit www.elitedistributoralliance.com and s-f-d.com for more.


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