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Rydeen on the Road with New “Team”

TORRANCE, CA (04.12.2019) – Phil Maeda, President and CEO of Rydeen Mobile Electronics hit the road last week to introduce customers to our newest marketing partners, Team Marketing.

Phil Maeda (R)made a stop at Houston Car Stereo and is pictured with manager Dia Almasri.

Team Marketing, led by Mark Couch is one of their premiere Manufacturers Representative organizations in the country and has just recently been appointed to cover the territory of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas.

Phil Maeda made a stop at Gear Stop in New Braunfels on his Texas swing with Team Sales and is pictured with Mark Boland.

Mark Couch of Teams Sales commented, “Team Sales and Marketing is thrilled to be partnered with Rydeen. We look forward to assisting Rydeen re-establish its direct dealer base as well as maintain its current distributor partnerships. Driver’s safety and collision avoidance are fast growing categories, and should be on every dealer’s shopping list for 2019.”

Elite Auto Sound has two stores in Texas and Phil Maeda is pictured with Joel Mattix on the right.

Bob Goodman, Rydeen’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing commented, “Phil’s road trip to Texas is indicative of the lengths Rydeen will go to in insuring our representatives and their customers are successful in selling our latest solutions plus have a chance to experience firsthand our installed products in a real-world vehicle.”

“Phil spent an entire week with the “Team” team and visited a variety of our customers and potential customers in Texas,” added Goodman.

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