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Rydeen Mobile Received a CES 2019 Innovations Award

LAS VEGAS, NV (02.04.2019) – Rydeen Mobile, a leader in driver safety innovation was honored with a 2019 CES Innovations Award for the new BSS2 LPBC. The rear blindspot and camera system is easy to install and is fully integrated within a standard license plate frame.

The Rydeen Mobile BSS2 LPBC system can be used on all vehicles, even pickups and trucks, where traditional systems cannot be installed. The latest generation radar technology offers exceptional operating range and accuracy in all weather and driving conditions.

Rydeen Mobile received a 2019 CES Innovations award for the new BSS2 LPBC rear blindspot and camera system. Johnathan Gandarela is pictured in the Rydeen North Hall booth holding the prestigious award.

“Rydeen is making great progress, investing heavily, in new safety concepts and innovative products based on the latest technical advances. We look forward to debuting more of these new products in the years to come,” stated Oliver Grunhold, Director of Product Planning.

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