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Rydeen Appoints Two Rep Firms: N&S and JB Assoc.

TORRANCE, CA (06.12.2019) – Rydeen Mobile Electronics has entered into agreements with N&S in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Northern Part of Idaho and JB Associates for Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia the premier manufacturer’s representative territories to represent the company. These representation agreements enable Rydeen to strengthen its brand presence in the key markets.

N&S represents the product line in Pacific North West. Dale Naeseth, principal of N&S, has been a respected Manufacturers Representative in this market for over 37 years and brings his vast experience and knowledge to Rydeen and its valued customers.

JB Associates represents Rydeen in key Mid-Western States. Jason Billups heads up JB Associates said, “we are excited to have the line, the Safety Category is growing fast, especially the Radar Blind Spot products have improved so much, to the equivalent level to OE behaviors and quality, Rydeen is the cutting-edge technology provider. Matt Julius with JB Associates will concentrate on the Michigan, Indiana and W. Kentucky territories. Jason Billups will cover the remaining Ohio, E Kentucky, WV and W. Pennsylvania territories. JB Associates uses the combined 30 years of experience to the table to support this new adventure with Rydeen.

Dale Naeseth, commented, “We are certainly pleased to represent Rydeen in our territory. We like to think that we know the market and are well respected by many of the customers in our territory. We are excited for becoming a Rydeen representative as the ADAS category is our main focus for the business in the territory, Rydeen has the most advanced ADAS product line up in the industry.”

“Vehicle Safety and Driver Awareness has been the fastest growing category in the 12-volt industry and Rydeen has maintained a leadership role for nearly a decade”, said Phil Maeda, President and CEO of Rydeen. Rydeen has maintained its leadership role with continual improvement of existing products and the strategic addition of new & innovative solutions for consumers.

You may reach N&S via email [email protected], or call at his office in Bellevue, Washington at 206-660-7142.

JB Assciates can be reached via email [email protected], or call at his office in Milton, West Virginia at 304-743-9990.

Rydeen’s office is located in Torrance, California. Contact us via email [email protected], or call us at office 310-787-7880.

Visit www.rydeenmobile.com for more.


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