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Ricky Smith’s Audio… Creative RaceSport Lighting Post

LAFAYETTE, LA (11.19.2018) – Ricky Smith’s Audio recently added a RaceSport Lighting in-store wall display in the company’s showroom. Lighting is a strong growth category with proactive 12volt retailers across the U.S.

In the video shoot, the Ricky Smith’s Audio storefront was visible for branding.

The Ricky Smith’s Audio in-store display definitely shines a bright light on making a LED lighting presentation to a customer on the showroom floor.

Chad and Allen took the in-store presentation to a real world scenario… RaceSport safety lights actually installed, front and rear, on their customer’s Ford pickup.

Click here to view the video on instagram @rickysmithsaudio

With iPhone in-hand, Allen created a 25-second video that was then posted @rickysmithsaudio on Instagram. To view the video, click here.

Chad Neveu making a RaceSport Lighting demo.

Chad Neveu stated “The Instagram video post was of an installation we did for a construction company vehicle with caution strobes and wig-wags in the headlight and tail lights.”

Caution lights and wigwags were added to headlight and tail lights on this pickup.


In that 25 seconds, there was an attention-grabbing in-store RaceSport Lighting demo plus the safety lighting installed on a pickup truck for Ricky Smith’s Audio followers to see on social media.

And one more thing. When the video shoot was staged, in the shopping center parking lot, for branding the Ricky Smith’s Audio store signage was very visible in the background!

Great job Guys.

Visit rickysmithsaudio.com and racesportinc.com for more.


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