• Mike Van Horn

Reviver Auto Partners with Al & Ed’s AutoSound for Rplate Pro’s Southern California Rollout

Before and after installation

LOS ANGELES, CA (09.21.2018) – Reviver Auto, a Silicon Valley startup, and creators of the World’s First Digital License Plate, the Rplate Pro, announced their partnership with Al & Ed’s AutoSound, the longest-running mobile electronics retail retailer.


“Al & Ed’s is very pleased to represent the Rplate Pro as part of our extensive mobile electronics product mix” stated John Haynes, General Manager of Al & Ed’s Autosound. “Al & Ed’s has always been a leader in bringing new products to market, and the Rplate Pro is a very cool, high-tech product that fits right in to our marketing strategies. We love the fact that it is not just a cosmetic upgrade, but also offers our clients the ability to get out of the DMV rabbit hole!”


Reviver Auto just launched their ground-breaking product in June, and already has 1,200 plates on the road. Rplate Pro replaces the 125-year old stamped metal plate with a sleek, digital, E Ink display, enabling users to automatically renew DMV registration, view the vehicle’s telematics, and customize look of their plate. Rplate Pro is road-ready and approved in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

Founded in 1954, Al & Ed’s Autosound serves the Southern California market with their 15 locations. They offer a wide variety of top-tier mobile electronics, vehicle restyling, and first-class installation.

Visit al-eds.com and reviverauto.com for more.


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