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Race Sport Lighting Hires Chris Pace from Arrowhead Sales & Marketing for MINK States

Chris Pace knows the roads throughout the MINK States territory very well.

RINGWOOD, IL (10.12.2018) – Race Sport Lighting is pleased to introduce that Chris Pace from Arrowhead Sales & Marketing is their new contracted Manufacturer Rep Firm for the MINK state territory, which covers Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. Arrowhead Sales & Marketing will oversee managing the current Race Sport Lighting business already established in the territory, as well as growing the companies foot print in the territory with more dealers and increased distribution in multiple industries. Chris will begin training on this exciting line and begin introducing the line to his ever-growing dealer base by Mid-October 2018.

Steve Jergensen, RSL President says, “We are so excited to have Chris Pace join our team in the MINK states! He comes to us highly recommended as a rep that brings maximum value to his accounts. We like MFG rep firms that only have a few lines, and focus heavily on those lines, and Chris fits that bill perfectly. Race Sport Lighting is excited to get Chris trained and ready to promote and train the dealers in the territory.”


Chris Pace, Principal of Arrowhead Sales & Marketing says, “Race Sport Lighting is the perfect addition for us, it fits well. Great mix of distribution and direct to dealer complimentary growth business. We have always had a very focused mix of lines so the dealers and the factories get the best efforts from us. Lighting can be the next “head unit” as $99 radio sales are fading away. Dealers need to embrace new categories within the 12volt marketplace and a direct lighting specialist like Race Sport Lighting is the best partner.”

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