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Race Sport Lighting Announces 2018 Award Winners

This image includes the IEI Expert 12 Volt Installation & Sales Staff as well as Neil Halprin from NH Sales & Marketing, Manufacturers Representative for Race Sport Lighting. Pictured L-R: Front Row- David Ketcham, Jay Teixera, Juan Rosa, & Neil Halprin. Back Row- Justin Ketcham, Fred Orpen, & Joe Hussey

RINGWOOD, IL (12.19.2018) – 2018 was a game changing year for Race Sport Lighting. Despite a barrage of internet sellers selling cheap lighting, 12 volt manufacturers trying to jump in the category, and a record setting brick and mortar stores recorded going out of business, Race Sport Lighting was able to achieve company growth, and expand the lighting industry once again in 2018. But that does not happen by themselves, but with the continued support of distributors and retailers around North America who sell Race Sport Lighting products because they know the product is actually made at a much higher quality, the product selection is the best in the market, and the tech support and customer service make all the difference in selling a successful lighting brand.


Out of 50+ distributors in all industries, and over 1000+ direct dealers in multiple industries, a few stand out among the rest as key supporters of the brand. Every year, Race Sport Lighting recognizes these companies, for their sales, their support, and/or their overall loyalty to the brand. That list has been released, and these winners will receive their plaques at industry events.

The Winner is…

2018 AAM Member of the Year = A-1 Distributors

2018 Tint World Franchise of the Year = Tint World Store #50

2018 MESA Member of the Year = Interstate Electronics

2018 Dealer of the Year = Alaska Car Shop

2018 Distributor of the Year = MRI Marketing Representatives

2018 Rep of the Year = Trent Partners & Associates

“We are so thankful for these incredible partners and are excited to honor their loyalty and hard work selling our brand in 2018. Its because of them, that Race Sport Lighting continues to be the leading lighting brand in the industry. They understand the quality, service, support, and excitement behind the Race Sport Lighting brand that sets them apart from the competition.” -Race Sport Lighting President Steven Jergensen

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