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Proline Car Stereo Kicked Off the Season in a Major Way

BROOKLYN, NY (05.21.2019) – The Proline Car Show and Inventory Blowout Sale, on Sunday May 19th, was WOW… on steroids!

Customers began to line up outside the store on Utica Avenue over an hour before the doors opened. When the doors closed, at 5 PM, customers were waiting in line at the counter to pay for their purchases.

Customers were lined up down the block before Proline open the doors.

Proline’s Will Sullivan stated “We had a great turnout and fantastic support from our vendors. Our staff was a finely tuned machine and I am so proud of the work everyone did to make this event such a success. These shows and sales take a great deal of work and sacrifice from our staff and rep partners. I can not thank them all enough.”

The showroom floor was jammed as customers waited pay for their products.

Jeff Shultz, Pioneer District Sales Manager, offered “Wow, I have been attending Proline’s Shows for over 6 years and this one has to be the best one as far as sales go. I sold more Pioneer Double DIN units this year due to aggressive pricing and the fact that everyone wanted Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When we arrived prior to the store opening there was a line that stretched down the block. With limiting the number of people that were allowed into the showroom we had a line of people that went clear until 4 PM. That’s 6 hours of people waiting to get in to take advantage of the super deals Proline was offering. According to Shef Sadik Pioneer killed it at this event. Will and Shef understand what it takes to put together a killer show/sale. Pioneer loves having Proline as a partner.”

Customers filled virtually every square foot of the showroom.

Morris Hartman, Big Daddy Marketing related “What a day in Brooklyn at the Proline event. As usual Proline’s team put on a spectacular event. Big Daddy Marketing supported Proline on site with help from vendors Kenwood, JBL, Infinity, WavTech, Jensen, Reikken Batteries, ATG and Renegade. We want to thank Will, Shef and the Proline team for the opportunity to be part of their amazing event. It was truly off the hook.”

Fantastic installations grabbed attention at the Proline event.

Matt Gonzalez, Trent Partners, relayed “Once again Proline started the summer season with their annual mega event. The sales for the day were through the roof. Kicker, JVC Mobile, Audio Control, Focal and Directed were the Trent brands on site. This Proline event was literally a throwback to the late ’90’s and early 2000’s. No exaggeration…the sales did not stop from opening until close. I hope dealers out there will see the success of the Proline event and Promote, Promote and Promote some more!”

The vehicles in the car show were extra clean with an old Caddy plus great installations in a Honda and Acura.

Pioneer’s Jeff Shultz (L) and Will Sullivan had a record Pioneer sales day.

Concluding, Sullivan stated “The days of a retailer opening the door and expecting customers to come in are gone. We feel that doing these shows and events really helps build the Proline brand, but most of all it brings consumer awareness to what we do and sell. It was a record sales day and hot dogs eaten day. Thank goodness the early morning rain stopped minutes before our event started.”

Late in the afternoon customers were still waiting to get into the Proline event showroom.

Reps on site included Morris Hartman and Joseph Santaniello from Big Daddy with Kenwood, JBL/Harman, WavTech, Jensen, Reikken, ATG and Renegade. Kevin Stelling with JL Audio, Jeff Shultz-Pioneeer, Matt Gonzalez with the Trent Partner brands. David Herrera from Focus Marketing repping Alpine and VOXX was in the house along with Justin Gonzalez.

Earlier this year Proline Car Stereo was on site at the 2019 New York Auto Show with 2 booths. Attendees from that event were also spotted at Proline’s record-setting event on Sunday, May 19th.

Visit prolinenyc.com for more.

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