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Proline Car Stereo Car Show and Tent Sale Packed The House

BROOKLYN, NY (08.15.2019) – The Proline Car Stereo Car Show and Tent Sale, August 8th through the 11th was another success in a long series successful events. There were thousands of people there, a ton of really cool cars and plenty of spectators. The 4 day event was reported to have eclipsed last year’s event by a huge margin. Now on to the main event which was Sunday August 11th.

Show cars were lined up along Utica Avenue.

Sunday was a perfect day as there was not a cloud in the sky. The bright sun made all the show cars, bikes and demo vehicles shine. Key 12volt brands with Proline, Pioneer, Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio and Alpine were on on site.

This Audi with a wrap grabbed eyeballs.

Proline’s Shef Sadik stated “It is so important to keep “Greasing the Gears.” Our aggressive event calendar at Proline keeps our name and products in front of enthusiasts. That brings in new customers plus old customers wanting to add more to their rides.”

Unique vehicles like this were also present at the show.

Pioneer’s Jeff Shultz and Morris Hartman, Big Daddy’s, rode together on Sunday morning to the event on Utica Ave in Brooklyn.

A lot of work went into this loud custom ride.

Shultz offered “When Morris and I arrived there was already a line out the door onto the sidewalk waiting to get in a make a purchase. There was a line for window tinting and a line for all other purchases. I think the closing rate on anyone that came into the showroom through the day was about 96%. It was amazing. Proline drew in consumers that wanted to make a purchase. It was fun day. A long day standing on my feet just selling product to people that wanted to buy.”

To keep things rolling the showroom was packed.

Hartman related “We had a very successful day with the new Kenwood eXcelon CarPlay and Android Auto head units. New eXcelon vehicle specific component speakers and mobile enclosures too. With the JBL line the GT BASSPRO12 and JBL/Infinity amplifiers were were popular. The new ATG line was a hit with big power amps at very affordable pricing. The WavTech signal processors are making life easy for integrating factory head units to full blown systems. During the day Accele cameras were a nice add on to sale. Will and Shef, along with their staff, are pros at putting on events that fill the showroom and ring the register.”

Following a long, but very successful day, this group paused for a photo op. (L to R) Murray, Jeff and Morris on the back row with Christine and Will in front.

Continuing, Pioneer’s Shultz relayed “We had door buster specials on Pioneer Double-DIN entry level touchscreen units that sold out by mid morning. We sold many Pioneer TS-Z and TS-D speaker systems. Pioneer amps went with many one of those Pioneer speaker sales too. Between selling inside I was busy running out to the Pioneer Toyota Highlander TS-Z demo vehicle to do demo’s for customers who wanted to hear more.”

At the end of the day, it was time for a little fun. Morris Hartman, Big Daddys standing, in the middle in the back, with members of the Proline Car Stereo Team.

Outside, show cars and demo vehicles lined the streets. Vehicles wraps are very popular. To see a $75,000 white Audi, with a blue wrap, grabs eyeballs. Vehicles with custom system installations were also attention grabbers throughout the day.

Concluding, Shultz commented “The time, effort and amount of money that goes into making Proline shows so successful is huge. Will and Shef are true professionals in planning and executing these huge events and my hats off to them for pulling another one out. I actually look forward to working their events!”

A big 12volt News hat’s off to Murray for many great images from the event on August 11th.

Visit prolinenyc.com for more.

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