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PowerBass UK at Fitted UK 2019

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (07.31.2019) – FittedUK is one of the UK’s largest indoor automotive events showcasing a variety of vehicles and vendor companies. More than 20 vendors for car audio, wheels and suspension, plus demo cars, had display space on the Event City show floor. FittedUK 2019 filled the Event City venue with a large crowd in Manchester on Sunday, July 28th.

The FittedUK event floor was very busy and PowerBass demos grabbed attention.

PowerBass UK had a major presence on the huge show floor. Carl Huntington, PowerBass UK, was on site along with the PL-AutoTek crew to unveil two hot new show vehicles outfitted with PowerBass gear. Huntington stated “We finished the installations and completed finals preparations at the PL-AutoTek workshop on Friday, July 26th. Our work hard work definitely paid off when FittedUK attendees heard the demos. The PowerBass demos went down like a storm.”

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Paul Leyland-Pl-AutoTek owner, Dicey Turnbull and Luke Turnbull joined Huntington in the PowerBass booth to give attendees demos and answer questions.

The PL-AutoTek Team with Carl Huntington, PowerBass UK on the left.

Huntington related “It was definitely busy in the PowerBass booth. PL-Autotek definitely pulled it out of the bag with the demos. People who heard the demos were really amazed. People who heard the little Fiesta were really amazed that all that sound was coming from one subwoofer. Most thought there were at least 3 subs in the car.”

Carl Huntington, PowerBass UK, working on the demo cars a couple of days before the event at the PL-Autotek shop.

Footfall, the word in the UK for attendance, was not officially announced but certainly topped 10,000 for the FittedUK 2019 event.

Concluding, Huntington offered “It was a long weekend with travel, Saturday setup and Sunday show. But that is what’s needed to get the PowerBass brand out there in front of people. Once they see it, and hear it, they are excited about car audio and sold on the PowerBass brand.”

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