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PowerBass in the UK

LONDON, ENGLAND (05.20.2019) – Erik Harbour is in the UK. The PowerBass VP of Product Development and Global Marketing has a jam packed 13-Day schedule planned away from the home office in Ontario CA.

Following a full day in the office on Friday May 17th Harbour headed to the LAX airport for the all night, 10.5 hour, flight to Heathrow in London England. After 3 hours sleep it was on the road early Saturday.

After a full day at the office on Friday, May 17th, Harbour is pictured at LAX for the 10.5 hour flight to Heathrow in London.

On Saturday morning Harbour related in a text message to the 12volt Central Studios “Met up with Carl Huntington with PowerBass UK and we headed straight over to Car Audio and Security Distributors to load up for the trip over to Dunfirmline, Scotland for the FORD Hot Hatch Race and Car Show. Making a stop at a dealer along the way, PK Auto Tek in St Helens UK, that will be in the booth at the event on Sunday.”

On Saturday morning, Harbour and Carl Huntington, PowerBass UK, are in the van headed to the FORD Hot Hatch Race and Car Show in Scotland on Sunday.

The PK Auto Tek store in St Helens has a look similar on the outside to some 12volt shops in the U.S. Inside though, really cool graphics jumped off the walls in the showroom and install bay. Those graphics screamed ‘PK Auto Tek is the place for cool upgrades to a customer’s vehicle.’

Graphics inside PK Auto Tek in St Helens jump off the walls.

On Sunday morning, May 19th, the was cloudy and it was chilly at the event site. But that did not stop enthusiasts from showing up for the FORD Hot Hatch Race and Car Show at the Knockhill Raceway in Dunfirmline Scotland.

The PowerBass booth at the FORD Hot Hatch Race and Car Show at Knockhill Raceway in Dunfirmline Scotland was busy throughout the day.

The PowerBass booth was set up under a tent with products displayed on tables. Paul Leyland PK Auto Tek, David Dicey Turnbull RS Owners Group and Carl Huntington from PowerBass UK joined Harbour under the tent.

Two eye-catching demo vehicles. loaded with PowerBass gear, grabbed attention from members of the crowd. All who got into the FORD Fiesta MS-RT for a demo were wide-eyed and smiling from ear to ear.

At the end of the day, the PowerBass team paused a minute for this image. (LtoR) Erik Harbour, Paul Leyland PK Auto Tek, David Dicey Turnbull RS Owners Group and Carl Huntington PowerBass UK.

Harbour noted by text “Turnout was great over the day. There were over 1000 show cars and 150 track cars that sold out the track slots….the first time that has ever happened. Attendance was reported at over 4,000.”

After the event ended late Sunday afternoon it was time to begin the long journey heading back to London.

The Ford Fiesta MS-RT, loaded with PowerBass, opened eyes and put a smile on everyone’s face that experienced a demo.

From his hotel Sunday night Harbour sent the last text of the day “Finally will get a full night’s sleep and then tomorrow it’s the trip back to London. On Tuesday there will be office meetings with the rep and get set for Wednesday night with sales trainings and dinner with our Distributor and Dealers.”

The remaining days of Harbour’s trip include trainings and stops at a number of 12volt retailers in the area who sell PowerBass. Studying the marketplace in the UK will be very helpful for planning future products. The PowerBass OEM Custom Fit speakers have been strong sellers across the UK.

Stay tuned for much more coverage of Erik Harbour’s trip to the UK that concluded on Wednesday, May 29th.

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