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PowerBass in the UK

A Journal from Erik Harbour in the UK with Carl Huntington, PowerBass UK

LONDON, ENGLAND (05.28.2019) – PowerBass began to make its way into the UK in July of 2018. Coming up to the anniversary of that, it was fitting that PowerBass travel to visit our dealers and distributor in their shops and warehouses. Conducting trainings, meeting with the staffs and even talking with customers along the way was on the schedule.

Erik Harbour at LAX on Friday night May 17th, after a full day at the office, headed to Heathrow airport in London.

The trip started off with a 10 hour flight on Friday May 17th from LAX to London Heathrow airport. The PowerBass official European rep, Carl Huntington, met me at the airport for the beginning of a whirlwind tour that started with a 4 hour ride over to see Paul Leyland at PL Auto Tek in St Helens UK. There we saw his shop and the awesome graffiti on the walls featuring the PowerBass logo as seen on many post on social media. We chatted about the line and how impressed he has been with our OE Fit Ford solutions as well as just about everything he has uses from the PowerBass brand. It was great to see how committed to PowerBass he and everyone really is here in the UK.

With Carl Huntington behind the wheel they are all on the very first leg of the trip.

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The next day we headed 4 hours on the road to Scotland and attended a Ford Live event at Knockhill Racing Circuit. We worked the PL AutoTek booth and talked with customers all day while watching some great races on the track!

There are a number of awesome graphics on walls at PL Auto Tek in St Helens.

The next day we traveled back to London for the night and finally got some much needed rest to prepare for the first ever PowerBass EU strategy meeting. We got started after some great lunch in Kingston Upon Thames and worked well into the evening developing our new go-to-market strategy for the European countries including the UK, Poland, Greece, Romania, Sweden and the likes. Carl and I came out of that meeting with a great focus ready to grow PowerBass into one of the top call brands across the continent.

The PowerBass setup was jammed through out the day at the FORD Hot Hatch Event at Knockhill Raceway in Scotland.

The next day we headed into Hayes UK and visited with the staff of Car Audio and Security and I was given the grand tour of their facilities, such a great retail and warehouse operation they have in place! Later that night we set up and hosted our first ever European training session for our dealers in the UK. We went over the full line of products plus had a round table discussion on what future products the market needed. By including our dealers in this process it really allowed them to take pride and feel a personal connection with the PowerBass brand. We really came out of this evening with some great ideas for not only the EU market but the world.

Erik with a selfie with Carl as they wrapped a strategy session lunch at Kingston Upon Thames.

We were able to meet with some of our dealers such as Safe and Sound Essex with Lee Glover, ilkley Car Audio with Martin Taylor, PL AutoTek with Paul Leyland and Car Audio & Security for a dinner after the meeting at an exclusive restaurant In North London called The Regency. The food and company were amazing and a great time was had by all in attendance.

The fun didn’t stop there as the next morning we met up with the owner of Car Audio & Security and talked about PowerBass and how we can help position the brand best for his customers and the market as a whole. We made some great strides and see our partnership growing tremendously for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020 and look forward to a great future with them!

PowerBass took their premier dealers and UK exclusive distributor Car Audio and Security out for dinner at an exclusive restaurant – the Regency Club in North London on Wednesday evening May 22. Carl and Erik are pictured at the head of the table.

With the efforts of growing our footprint here in the EU we have since began working www.powerbassuk.com. Carl and I spent the next evening late into the morning hours reviewing and working on the message, images, and product mix for the site which we hope to have fully active and live in the next 2 weeks! With this came the task of sorting out our true “stockist” in the region which will be featured on the inaugural listing of our official UK dealer locator allowing customers to find PowerBass in stock and ready to be installed at many great dealer locations around the UK.

Carl Huntington pictured with the first of many PowerBass EU demo cars that will soon be on the road. Car Audio and Security did a killer Install!

We headed into the weekend touring around London and taking in some of the sites of England as well as some great live music in an Iconic jazz club Ronnie Scott’s featuring the Buddy Rich Band in concert for VIP experience that was certainly one for the books! We then decided it was a great time to invite over some friends and trusted colleagues of Carl’s for an amazing cookout celebrating UK’s Bank Holiday as well as the USA’s Memorial Day with great food, drinks and conversation for everyone in attendance.

On the last night of the 10-Day trip it was time to check out some local ‘fuel’ at a London pub.

Heading into the last day of the tour, Tuesday May 28th, we will be hitting the road again to stop in and see a few more dealers along the way and hope some of them aren’t so camera shy so we can showcase some of their shops as well. We plan to take In some views of the great country side along the way!

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This trip has been very successful and we see the PowerBass brand really taking a strong footing here in Europe but even stronger in the UK as these dealers really are taking “ownership” of the brand in their stores. Many are showing the world that from their social media pages and in their stores. I couldn’t of asked for a better trip out and it’s been great to be in the shops with everyone on their home turf talking shop and having a great time along the way!

Harbour heads back to the USA on Wednesday, May 29th.

A huge thank you to Carl Huntington… PowerBassUK.

Visit powerbassuk.com and powerbassusa.com for more.

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