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Pioneer at the 2019 New York Auto Show with Proline Car Stereo

NEW YORK, NY (04.30.2019) – The NYIAS wrapped its 10-Day 2019 run on Sunday, April 28th.

Pioneer’s Jeff Shultz, District Sales Manager, was onsite and related to 12voltnews.com “The show was off the hook-again. The NYIAS is probably the largest event of its kind in the country and the DUB Tour Section seemed even more crowded than in the past years. Proline’s Will Sullivan and Shef Sadik did a great job of getting all of the displays out on the floor plus 4 demo vehicles including the Pioneer Toyota Highlander that Proline built for Pioneer with TS-Z speakers and “Limited” GM-D amplifiers.”

The Pioneer Toyota Highlander that Proline built for Pioneer with TS-Z speakers and limited GM-D Amplifiers in the DUB section at the New York Auto Show.

The NYIAS filled the 4 levels of the giant Javits Convention Center’s 950,000 square feet with over 1,000 cars and trucks. The attendance for the event was reported to have topped 1,000,000… again.

“The NYIAS Event was off the hook-again” Jeff Shultz, Pioneer District Sales Manager.

Continuing, Shultz stated “I spent almost every minute I was there over 2 days inside the Highlander doing Hi-Res audio demo’s. I was using FLAC files to demonstrate the accuracy and clarity of the Pioneer TS-Z speakers and subs. Not one person said anything other than WOW, CLEAR, AMAZING, TIGHT, ACCURATE, LOUD, COOL.”

Proline captured email addresses, from what seemed like everyone that was there, for follow up marketing. In addition, Proline gave away a TON of Pioneer branded swag plus made some immediate sales too and scheduled installations. The residual effect of this event will go on for months.

Concluding, Shultz stated “I even had one teenage show me the video of the Pioneer car he took last year. It’s so much fun and its so easy to partner with guys like Will and Shef for events like this, because they get it. They know what it takes to put on a show of this epic proportion on the grandest stage of all “NEW YORK CITY” and be able to understand that this show is not about what you sell today, but rather what you set up for tomorrow. My Pioneer hats off to Proline!”

A big “Thank You” to Jeff Shultz for providing his insight and text for this article.

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